Clockwatcher — Thanks for the update! You dont see that in dramas or on tv much with celebrities. What’s not to love? Silly idea but the fear is not groundless. Your email address will not be published. She hisses at his perverted mindset.

A fangirl can dream. Princess Hours starring Yoon Eun-hye and Ju Ji-hoon Seeing two people coming to terms that they are absolutely in love with each other is enough to make anyone swoon. Started loving him after I watch Hotaru no Hikari — another must watch drama! Enthusiasm for something is a big win for me, being passionate and knowledgable about one thing is super cool. Episode 1 is fast-paced and beautifully shot, placing us right the middle of her ordinary life. And he needs to buff up, so lanky showing off his body! I also love the cute computer-generated letters inserted on the window and ground. Meteor Garden Korean Version:

Cast – Last Cinderella.

Our Cinderella is not your typical beautiful flower cast to the side of the road by her selfish, greedy relatives. She works at a beauty salon as its vice manager. April 11, — Runtime: Well, the drama was much better. But all of that changes when she goes to a party and meets Hiroto Haruma Miuraa much younger dramafrazy who is a biker. Carole, which shows are you speaking of? Oh man, now I have the urge to find it. I loved it when they showed her bare face though.

His life is seriously jacked up, whether it was by his own doing or not I think he should still be given a chance. Clockwatcher — Thanks for the update! But slowly, their words get the best of epixode, as she realizes that she has forgotten that feeling of being in love.


Has anyone seen this or wants to see it? You caught my midnight job XZY! Hopefully, this writer can construct the much-needed tugging romance I crave so much to see in a Japanese drama! Episode 5 synopsis can be found here. Log in with Email. Something needs to happen for him to act.

He stirs awake and she literally flies off the bed, back first. He does give a lot of sad eyes. Her other friend is Takenouchi Miki Otsuka Nenea docile housewife, who simply wants to serve her husband and rebellious kids.

Lady Masculinity descends on cinderwlla this morning and she gasps in horror at a short whisker poking out under her chin. He kneels down and slips her foot into the shoe.

Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog! Morning arrives and our girl spends her waking hours caking make-up on her face. Yes, thank you miss admins! Meanwhile, Rintaro Naohito Fujiki is a manager at beauty salon where Sakura works. XD But this is also finderella for the Japanese language lol Anyone else agrees with this? You can see her wall of self-assurance breaking down, showing glimpses of her vulnerabilities.

When e;isode is done and over, she decides the best way to go out is in her natural face. Thanks for the recap. May 10, at 8: The actress looks so plain, as opposed to the poster shot of her glamorous face and assets.

Sakura is unassuming, nonjudgmental, playful, caring as well as daring. Feisty and divorced, Hasegawa Shima Iijima Naoko oozes feminine sensuality wherever she goes. Cindrella enjoys being single. Not his long hair. The awkward moments were spot on in the acting department too.


Silly idea but the fear is not groundless. Being ahead in time makes me feel like I have to wait extra long. Hashimoto Satoshi Supporting Cast. Looking forward to how much more unglam the actress can get in the show! Poor woman has been living for too many years without raw passion. Watch kast find out!

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Have you seen him in Bloody Monday? In epissode, many dramas get their inspiration from manga series. Who are some fictional characters YOU’D totally date?! Last cinderella ep 1 out raw.

May 10, at 6: But really I’m all about the bread. Cinerella seems to have a good heart and genuinely cares for Sakura as is.

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Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for episkde region. Many dramas are predictable but can still be enjoyable with its execution. Go back to playing the dreamy popular kid of the school, or just sit there being pretty, I really dont mind. Another episode of Cinderella!! You dont see that in dramas or on tv much with celebrities.