He was more-dimensional than Yushin in that point. I sort of settled into “love to hate”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Kim Nam-gil from Seon-deok Part 3 “. It was obvious he meant no harm to Queen when he appeared in the camp. Of course, it picked back up again, by episodes 60 and carried on until the end, but it really didn’t go well with me, how they dealt with Bidam’s transition from “good” to evil.

He wants acceptance, and he will do anything to achieve that. This allowed for Mishil and other prominent figures during Jinheung’s reign to be involved in events concerning the Queen during her time as Royal Princess, even though there is no evidence to suggest what sort of interaction the two had, if any. Greed, devotion, trust, betrayal, love, hatred, honesty. He is morally weak. He gives these orders to Mishil, including one which directs upon his death to leave the political life of the palace and dedicate herself to a monastery. Sokpum is a similar person. He desperately wants to be wanted.

To be perfectly honest, a lot of the historical dramas I’ve watched have focused on male characters, and I suppose that makes sense because in that deaht period, men were the be all and end all, weren’t they?

This was what kept on irritating me along the episodes. Both actors won awards for their performances and I think they were well deserved. Yushin had no chance at all. I love men broken and damaged?


Mishil, who of course, has spies outside of the birthing chamber learns of the birth and sets the wheels in motion to claim her power. Simple as it is. She was concubine to three successive Silla kings: Furious Bidam asked Yushin for a thousand of his men to resolve the problem when his followers fled Seorabeol and hid in the old mine.

The master chose to subject him to a self fulfilling prophecy when he put a cold emotional distance between them. She was a feisty, cheerful girl from the beginning, fearless, brave and totally not royal-like.

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But he stood on the side of Mishil till the very end because of fealty. It was like if no one was sure enough — should they make him a bad character or good. I wanted to see it, dammit! Bidam is one of the most complicated characters I have ever witnessed. I enjoyed the show, I was angry, frustrated, I cried, I laughed and I trembled in sheer terror. Posted by Kibel at Deokman’s sister died in the Cave she was wounded by mishl poisonous arrow.

But this was probably the wypadkowa of her rising in the Palace. He desperately yearned for her to acknowledge him.

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It was all because of his devotion.


Available to Stream Watch on. Around the end of a first half, I had enough. Meanwhile, young sister Princess Chun Myung Shin Se Kyung is growing up in the tumultuous environment of the palace, where Mishil threatens at every corner.

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Brave general mihil loved by all his soldiers. However, she managed to poison his soul even in her last 5 minutes of life. Is Bidam a real historical figure? I really thought he was a one-dimensional character, but when the action after episode 30 started to speed up, I saw another facets to him.

Completely powerless even inside the palace.

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Anyways QSD is definitely not perfect and have lots of flaws. Anyone who’s so happy at a plan which almost gets him burned at the stake is pretty awesome: Bidam learns about his identity while Yushin prepares to win the tournament and become Grand Marshal.

Chunchu joins Deokman as they try to divide the nobles and bring them over to her side. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your deqth here