Anyone watching Lachlans old vids in cuz his vids now is kinda trash? Lets aim for Likes for the 1st Episode of Pixelmon Island! The ads on the vid Guys the admins should put Easter eggs in the map for which when smone finds it they get a masterball loot Like if u like. Please delete the unwanted Pokemon in your pc. Minecraft Pixelmon Island Season Two!

Puts the foe to Sleep. Highpower, good chance for critical hit, used to deal with Flying, Ice, and Fire types. How do shiny Pokemon effect there power. Commentaires Im watching in Plus torcoal is beefy in defence and all of these metagross will be running physical sets. After 4 years Pixelmon Island is still my favorite series and Season 2 is my favorite out of them all i’m about to binge it all again I think his alakazam glitched out cause he like forgot to retrieve it after something. Welcome back to the live Pixelmon Island Adventure of Season 2!

Do a disc eith ali. When was it when he said the name of the modpack.

THE PERFECT ARON! – PIXELMON ISLAND S2 #18 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

Vikks going to film, Lachlan is in Japan and Mitch quit. Welcome sexson to the live Pixelmon Island Adventure of Season 2! The Series that started it all Sandslaah might be decent, he is strong against. Minecraft Pokemon Mod – 1 Preston 5 years ago. Let’s Play Pokemon White 2 Part Bajan 3 years ago.

This is going to be an extremely fun mini-series and I cannot wait for this.

Minecraft Crazy Craft 2. Lachlan sounds do diffrent lol. He could if used it to get back to the kelpsey berry. I’m glad to see that you are enjoying the music I wrote for the mod. Who remembers watching this and waiting for the episodes to come out, and checking out all the other guys videos to see what they did and all that.


Welcome back to the greatest pokemon adventure in Minecraft, Pixelmon Island!

Minecraft Pixelmon Island Season Two! “Sky Islands!” – Episode 1 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod) – 4D Video

Vikk on episode 9 where you find the mega blastoist, the balstiost was a craaftbattleduty. Please This is not at all fun. Please delete the unwanted Pokemon in your pc. Vik you don’t want stat moves like calm mind on your glass canons ASAP swason rocky Biggest fan Get lucario in stead of heracross when gen5 comes out also please may I get a shoutout man. Where is the shopping cart content?? Plz like if you agree.

Pixelmon Island Season 3! Prime times in life. Expect Minecraft Pokemon to be a bi-daily series!

Minecraft Pokemon Hunger Games! (Minecraft Hunger Games) w/TheBajanCanadian & Vikkstar123

Pokeballers Pixelmon Server IP: Minecraft Pixelmon Island Season Two! Train off stream, build and trade on stream. Pixelmon Island Special Mini-Series!

GET a magic carp so it can become a????? Metagross shares the same.

Guys leave a Like he deserve’s it. When h5m gonna start. Episode 1 – A Whole New World! Welcome back to the first ever S2 Pixelmon Island Tournament! Hey guys really trying to improve my youtube channel give me brutally honest feedback plz. Pixelmon, a pokemon mod in minecraft that allows you to catch your favourite pokemon in minecraft, join me in my series where I Smack that “LIKE” for more, thanks: Lets aim for Likes for the 1st Episode of Pixelmon Island!


This is actually a really brilliant concept akin to the creation of factions but with pixelmon. Episode 3 – The Dream Team Begins! Vikk get breloom good gen 3 fighting good speed and attack very good against water Pokemon he is grass fighting so good replacement for herocross breloom is resistant to electric moves and people won’t expect to come up against him breloom is a Pokemon I rate highly His best nature is adamant or potentially jolly although I prefer adamant Move set Stone Edge: Good power, high accuracy, STAB.

Electric type pokemon are special attack so you want boosted special defense. Pixelmon Island is a mini-series for Pixelmon with lots of custom spawns to keep things fresh, new episodes will come out every day from december days of Christmas.

That’s what Pete did to catch the lengendary pokemen. Its slow af, but so was snorlax and he does serious work. It might be just me but this series is getting boring againalso I would looooove lucky blocks back in your channel. This is going to be a private Minecraft Pixelmon Multiplayer server made just for us to play on and enjoy!

I live in Wales!! Can we hit likes for the return of this epic series! Episode 1 – Welcome to Plxelmon Island!