They name the Genie “Sathaiya”. Due to a misunderstanding during the auction, Murthy is forced to buy a violin from S. Saithan released alongside its dubbed Telugu version, Bethaladu , on 1 December After their return from their Honeymoon trip, Dinesh starts hallucinating and listening to voices in his head. The voice in Dinesh’s head keeps telling him to die and Dinesh sees miserable things on TV screens, computer screens and distorted bruised faces near the windows. Upon finding that his wedding dreams are going to be shattered, Madan informs the police about the diamonds. Bhuvana feels pity for the three friends and helps them whenever possible. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Jayalakshmi runs away after this incident. After Gopinath and Murthy start hurling insults at Sathaiya, he becomes heart-broken and decides to leave them. Even though they are highly qualified, they find it extremely difficult to get a job and spend most of their days in poverty. The doctor asks Dinesh to relax and hypnotises him in his sleep where he asks him various questions. Do not disobey Satan is a Indian Tamil fantasy film , directed by Rama Narayanan , starring Senthil in the lead role, with an ensemble supporting cast, including Pandiyan , Chandrasekhar , Janagaraj , Kanaka , S. In this chaos, the baby falls down and dies. Novel by Sujatha [1].

Varandi Varandi Kutti Sathan

The big highlight of Kutty Pissasu will definitely be the graphics in use. When Dinesh comes with it, the gang Aishwarya had worked for reveals to Dinesh that she was a sex serving prostitute to the whole gang before she became his wife. Saithan First look Poster.

The three friends promise to help him get his daughter married and solve all his problems. After Gopinath and Murthy start hurling insults at Sathaiya, he becomes heart-broken and decides to leave them. After the treatment, the doctor tells Dinesh not to wander off alone and tells his boss that Dinesh has got disturbed memories of his past life. Feature films directed by Mrinal Sen. Well, it is a month late, many might think, the holidays have been on since April.


Then, they abandon their bodies near a river bank and run away. While in the train he hears the same voice in his head directing him to that village and he names Sharma, Gopal, Natraj and Jayalakshmi.

Sathaiya, with his magical powers provides them with food, a new house and wealth. After Chitra and Murthy are re-united, the three friends request Sathaiya to stay with them, but Sathaiya tells them that he has to go, but will forever remain in good people’s hearts and will help the kind-hearted whenever necessary. Mahendra visiting a psychiatrist. Since the three friends rescued him from the violin, Sathaiya officially declares himself as their slave and helps them with magical powers.

Also, they reveal that Dinesh was a victim as he was used as a test subject and Aishwarya who was wounded kufti alright now. Use dmy dates from November Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover Track listings with input errors. The actors live a double life, and the villagers, both simple and not-so-simple, flock to watch their work with wonder and suspicion.

Varandi Varandi Kutti Sathan – video dailymotion

It is revealed that Aishwarya had married Dinesh, just to test a drug on him. Slowly the three friends enter into arguments with each other and their friendship starts turning sour, as all three of them try to woo Chitra. Murthy tries to use his violin to impress Chitra, but fails miserably at his attempt. Dinesh goes to his house where he is sathna that, that mmovie had died and that she had asked him apology.

Upon questioning the source of the voice, Dinesh tells that the voice sounds like that of God, if he were present really. Sathaiya appears and helps in chasing down the bad guys with his magical powers.

Murthy and Sekar go to S.

The Beginning Kaasav Village Rockstars This causes him to get extra ordinary power while his body is taken over by Sharma and he takes down everyone and heads to finish Aishwarya.

When they visit the house of that person, they find that he is their old neighbour K. The uneasy coexistence of and reveals bizarre connection, involving a village woman whose visions add a further dimension of time—that of future.


Sathaiya suggests to the three friends to use the diamond to impress S. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Sharma who is in Dinesh’s body acts in defense and kills Dr. The doctor asks Dinesh to come along with him for a personal treatment where Dinesh tells him that he had killed his friend Ravi.

In this chaos, the baby falls down and dies. Aishwarya who is pregnant with Dinesh’s child tells him that she doesn’t know about what he is speaking and that she is sorry for Dinesh’s condition. The auction sale is run by S.

Dinesh who has Sharma’s soul inside him charges upon Aishwarya who looks like Jayalakshmi because he and Gopal were killed the same way. The voice in Dinesh’s head keeps telling him to die and Dinesh sees miserable things on TV screens, computer screens and distorted bruised faces near the windows. At home, Gopinath and Murthy get into an argument with him as Murthy’s wedding is now stopped.

Vijay AntonyChinnaponnu. T20 or summer camps that are more tedious than school. Views Read Edit View history. Murthy, Sekar and Gopinath happen to meet Chitra Kanaka in separate incidents, and each of them develop a liking for her. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Madan’s henchmen inform Madan that the three friends are coming to stop the wedding.

Christopher Kamal Krishnawho runs the drug scam and also illegal organ mafia business. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One day when Nataraj passes through Sharma’s house, an angry Sharma tries to rush out and confront Nataraj.