Invaders from the Deep. Robot performed by Trace Beaulieu. Ring of Terror With short: While military personnel investigate, the kids band together to fight back against the invasion. The short focuses on gang member Jamie, who realizes the dangers of delinquency when his dad is mugged and beaten. Master Ninja I The Master:

A hypnotist and “psychical researcher” sends a prostitute back to the 15th century to live a previous life as a woman falsely accused of witchcraft, then follows her back to change the past. He fights the villainous Dr. General Hospital , second installment. Brain-eating aliens abduct two boys from Japan. Queen Lidia casts a spell of amnesia on Hercules , who becomes a prisoner in her harem. General Hospital , third installment.

A military plane crashes in the Arctic, awakening giant turtle Gamera. Martians abduct Santa Claus and two human children in hopes of bringing Christmas to their planet. A young man gets mixed up with a crime syndicate and blames his inattentive parents. First appearance of Tom Servo. Neil Patrick Harris guest stars. A costumed hero in a flying rocket-car tries to save Epissodes from robot aliens. She steals the tools used in the ritual and returns to America, killing men to maintain her youth.

In the shorts, Commando Cody fights gangsters who have acquired another atomic ray, and eventually returns to the moon in an attempt to sabotage moon-dwelling enemies.


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Finnish fantasy tale, based loosely on the Kalevalaabout a wicked witch’s schemes to get, and later regain, a magic mill. Brain-eating aliens abduct two boys from Japan. The Day Time Ended. Master Ninja I The Master: Undersea KingdomPart 2: The Sidehackers Five the Hard Way. Being from Another Planet Time Walker.

Wil Wheaton and Erin Gray guest star.

One slave escapes to contemporary Los Angeles, where he is hunted by alien cyborgs using dinosaurs as trackers. The Giant Spider Invasion.

A manager and his all-girl dance troupe survive a plane crash, only to find themselves on an island infested with mutated spiders.

Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars Captain Scarlet vs.

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A demon attempts to destroy Santa Claus’s reputation on Christmas Eve, while also trying to convince kids to do evil deeds. A defecting Russian scientist turns into a monster after being caught in an atomic bomb explosion and wanders around the test range, killing various people.

Guest appearance by Leonard Maltin. Retrieved September 25, First episofes for the Sci-Fi Channel. An extended family living in the desert has numerous encounters with alien creatures and time travel. The Beast of Elisodes Flats With shorts: When mt3k moon becomes full, he becomes a mindless humanoid lizard monster.


Together they sabotage a rocket launch. In an Orwellian future, a corporate employee discovers forbidden films inside the computers. In the conclusion of the two-part short, the sales manager hero gets advice from his father.

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Hercules and the Captive Women Ercole alla conquista di Atlantide. The Girl in Lovers Lane.

A nameless hero and his talking motorcycle fight an evil dictator in a post-apocalyptic world. Guest appearance by football player Robert Smiththen of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Mad Monster With short: A branch of the Secret Service uses radar to track down uranium smugglers. A group of teens are injured in a car wreck, and must elude their grim reaper before time runs out.

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King Dinosaur With short: The kmta chronicles the downfall of a high school student caught copying his test answers from another student. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Project Moonbase With shorts: