It was hoped that by his blessings 1 would gain a honeyed tongue. Time passed and I had nearly for- gotten all about my desire, when one day at tiffin time I was told to come to the Home for my food. The housewife who was ignorant of the correct use of spices was jeered at with a rhyme which went something like this; What a jewel of a housewife is she. She was a woman of much perception and warmth and had many interests and affiliations. Possessing a voracious appetite, I read whatever came my way, skipping over passages 1 did not understand to get the jist of the story. Clenching my teeth, I kept back the cry that rose to my lips for fear of being turned away from the game and jeered at for being a girl— a favourite taunt of my younger brother, but one that possessed the power to cut me to the heart.

Involvement with the world grew rapidly but family responsibilities were not neglected. There was one brother before- and two others after her. She was a woman of much perception and warmth and had many interests and affiliations. At the end of the meal, my Falstaffian uncle — the keeper of the store-room — allotted two pieces of sweetmeat for each child, but these failed to satisfy them and they looked expectantly for more. I took the book and went up to the terrace and pacing up- and down repeated the passage till I became word perfect. Her father had been zamindar of the village of Taki Saidpore. She was busy murmuring her formulas for the long life of her brothers and so was my mother. At times it was past midnight when she had finished serving the men and was able to have her own meal, but those were happy days for her.

He had been taught the formulas to ward off certain calamities and had also learned how to construct amulets that have the power to avert impending evil.

Even as Brahma, the creator of man cannot be without thee. I went with alacrity, but my heart sank when I saw the coarse rice and heavily-spiced egg curry served to me. Mother faithfully maintained the various rituals, functions, and social customs that had been handed down to her by grandmother. Bojhena Se Bojhena – Visit hotstar. A three-leaved bael sprig and a few flowers sprinkled with sandalwood paste were given to each of us.


My brother wore a worried look, the office staff was grave, but my Mother was as serene as ever, attending to the everlasting needs of her many guests, and Father’s bedroom door remained closed. It seemed to epiisode that all the world and his wife came to see my bfbther being married and every day was a feast day for ten days afterwards.

But, at the same time, it was her duty, as a mother, to guard my interests. Mother also had a dhenki. Even if the male was not epispde brother, with this bracelet on, he was honour-bound to protect her.

Father was always absorbed in his own thoughts and those were the days when little girls were to be seen and not heard. Here, I am not only your wife, but the daughter-in-law of the house.

I had made many friends at school and one of them, then a boarder at St. After worship and prayers. Pitha swarga, epksode dharma, pithahi paramantapa, pithri prith- eema panne, prianthe sarva devata.

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Her mystical dreams, occasional moods of depression and questioning of the meaning of life, resulted in a search for religious experience. This then became my morning routine at the age of eight and I have never deviated from it.

I kojatori only ten years of age when I found this item, written in English, in an old diary. I do not know whether my brother parted with the cash to buy the foodstuffs or whether they were supplied by this obliging cook, but I do remember that there was a delicious khichuri.

In the meantime 1 began to hear about horoscopes. After the meal these Were served to the guests who chewed them with relish, for they make the mouth fragrant and are said to help digestion.

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Here we had a liberal allowance as the mid-day meal was generally late on this day. Shudha had two sons — widely spaced by accident rather than planning — and has 324 vivid details of the customs associated with child-birth and the after-care of the mother and child. Bursting with importance, I brushed my close-cropped hair, put on a clean frock and pinafore, and took my place opposite my father. A book of this kind is unlikely to be written agaW because of the generation it deals with and the period it covers.


History, from one point of view, is the sum total of innumer- kojwgori biographies. From one perspective, Kojayori Mazumdar was out of touch with the important events which were happening around her.

He was also extremely fond of her sandesh [a milk sweet] which was served in tiny terra-cotta bowls sprinkled with rose petals as a special delicacy at his dinner parties. By his Grace I have found the Path.

You seem to know nothing! To watch the full episode of Kanamachi Back on hotstar, click on – www. They neither rinse out their mouths after a meal nor wash themselves at particular times each morning.

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It provided work for the needy Anglo-Indian womea who lived in the Home and I wore the many frocks ancf petticoats they mode for me till the time I was married, and then they had to be discarded altogether. Mother did what she thought would save me from disaster. In olden days people indulged in elaborate rituals and almsgiving but all that is changed. Kojagoru word was law in the household.

Thus, Didi is elder sister; Eada, the eldest of elder brothers; Mejda, the second eldt st of elder bro: