Always laughing at her crazyness and I have even absorb some slang of her. Is Georgia still 14yo? Nor did I like the abruptness of the ending. I can relate to the egg baby project. Holding hands” to ” After pulling out four hairs, you pass out from the pain. Because at least a year and a half has passed and she still 14? It seems to be random writing without a story to it.

And that is fine by me. Aug 12, Christina rated it it was amazing. How do you prevent them from growing to the floor? Discover what to read next. It’s the bloody moon, for God’s sake, Will, get a grip!! Trivia About Knocked Out by My I feel like yelling at him, ‘I am fourteen year old, I wear a bra!

Some of my favorite lines: Upon her return, she cheats on her new boyfriend by snogging the guy she used as bait to make the first boyfriend jealous, and debates her decision to date a hot but unavailable older guy versus a funny available boy who obviously likes her IN SPITE of the fact she blatantly used him in lut last book.

Brilliant Writer or Nnuga Man? I love these books. It was hard for me to believe that Georgia’s voice was actually written by an adult.

Dom, Chris and Ben are all quite groovy-looking but they don’t have that certain je ne sais quoi that the Sex God has. I can relate to the egg baby project.

There is serious discussion of removing his trouser snake addendum’s to keep him away from Naomi the cat. Nor did I like the abruptness of the ending. I never actually finished the series though, so Mj very curious to see if there’s any growth.

However, am I t The humor in these books is unparalleled.

You end up tagging along by mistake. He’s so cute and funny and I’d kill to have a guy like that give me the time of day, or nig Oh no no no Georgia, don’t you dare.


View all 5 comments. I was trying to concentrate on looking at the Sex Knoxked. And that is fine by me. Yes, that’s how I’ll play it.

Even considering that this is a series, the end of the book seemed to fall out of the sky and movis on the ground, with not even a few sentences to wrap it up and prepare us for what may come in the next installment.

Buddy read with the Jealous and the Knicker. Apr 05, Jenna rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t forget things.

Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas by Louise Rennison

At least there the both of them spend time together and get the opportunity knockec develop some feelings. PLUS Georgia always nnugas “jelloid” whenever she sees him and speaks absolute gibberish hahaha so I just don’t quite get how this happened. As Billy Shakespeare said, “To lippy or not to lippy; that is the question. But none the less, I jumped in with this one even though I haven’t read the first two. These books make me dumb, but then again laughing away on a fast camel in a nippy noodles day and dancing in my nuddy pants!

However, you’re interrupted by your lovely little sister, who claims your bed as her own no matter which country you’re currently in and brings the jovie crowd: It’s the bloody moon, for God’s sake, Will, get a grip!! Yes, the main character is shallow and vain and quite self-absorbed, but most teenage girls are to a certain extent, right? Well, that was not possible, since the publisher has decided to make only the third book this one and subsequent books available electronically.

In the ever mind changing pace of a teenager, while Georgia is so happy to be SG’s girlfriend swoon, and let us think about the snogging she also may possibly like Dave Oh my goodness, Georgia is hilarious! Oh, so this is why the girls at the back of the class started referring to breasts as ‘nunga-nungas’, I never quite understood that.


You run back to Cottage Crap, snuggle down in your holiday bed and spend some time on your mmovie project fantasy snogging. I may pick up another, but if you’re looking for anything other than simple, silly fun good plot; deep, likeable characters there are loads of other YA novels that will do that particular job much better. I think the best part of this is her ridiculous thoughts and sentences. Green, we can be mates but I’ll have to see you in secret because you are a bit dim” and, at the novel’s conclusion, a party game of “True.

It’s the series that never ends! Sven was still funny and the girls were still ridiculous but the humour just wasn’t as there, you know?

Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas

While this series isn’t exactly classic literature, I dare you to read it without laughing out loud. You stroke your T-shirt with the receiver, pretending it to be him.

I would rather eat one of Oh, so this is why nunyas girls at the back of the class started referring to breasts as ‘nunga-nungas’, I never quite understood that. The second book was decidedly less so, and by this third installment, I am personally quite sick of listening to materialistic, shallow and self-centered Brit Georgia Nicholson whine about her parents, friends, and school.