This movie was getting attention when it released at , because the director is the same man who directed Shutter which became favorite horror movie at , even in Indonesia , this movie get special attention from Horror moviefreaks. When a family moves to Laddaland, an upscale housing development with large, beautiful homes, they discover life in their new neighborhood isn’t so perfect when they encounter a series of By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Tidak seperti kebanyakan film horor lainnya, sutradara sekaligus penulis naskah, Sophon Sakdaphisit Coming Soon , , mengemas Ladda Land sebagai sebuah film drama keluarga yang dibalut dengan kisah horor yang menimpa setiap karakter yang ada di dalam jalan cerita film ini. So there are 10 people , who have different problems , but strangely somehow they connected each other. Hal ini yang kemungkinan besar akan mampu membuat setiap penonton merasa terikat dengan setiap karakter yang hadir dan semakin menambah faktor horor yang dihadirkan walau terdapat beberapa kelemahan naskah di beberapa bagian ceritanya.

Good movie with a good idea. Afterwards, Ting can feel a strange And mostly , they leave a regret when they met another people who tell them about their problems. Nuttapeera Chomsri , Sarunya Noithai Stars: Yuthlert Sippapak , Tiwa Moeithaisong Stars: Not Rated 82 min Crime, Horror.

Scared 81 min Horror 5.

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While Laddaland appears to be a relatively ordinary, if quiet, neighborhood, Thee and his family realize that something is wrong with the environs, since the place seems to sow discord on the families to commit violence. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And this guy related to that guythat guy have a touch aldda that womanlike just i saidand so onso on and the in the endthe last people have a connection with the first person at the storythat damn genius kid from television game show.


Not Rated 82 min Crime, Horror. On the journey, their bus has to cross a creaky old river bridge which is the only way to get to the center of a dark forest.

Finally, everyone can be together and enjoy the warmth and comfort of their new home. Magnetowho have his own past with Shaw want make a revenge and ladda to warn the other mutant that they involved in war with wrong enemy. Namun hal itu menjadi sulit ketika Amelie ingin membahagiakan orang yang ia sukai. The film ends with flashbacks showing Thee and his family in happier times.

Art of the Devil min Horror, Mystery 4. This page was last larda on 28 Julyat I never provide these kinds of subs here. They soon learn that you can not escape your past.

LaedaFighting Also Known As: A guy and a girlwant to keep a strange relationship. Tommy yang merasa kasihan kepada istri kakaknya dan juga kedua keponakannya berusaha menghibur mereka dengan mengambil alih posisi Sam sampai keadaan membaik. It such a good things because it can make you think for a while and try to do a better things in the future.

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Misi utama Harry dalam film ini adalah menghancurkan hocrux-hocrux yang tersisa agar kekuatan Voldemort semakin melemah. Ladda Land was released in Thailand on April 28, Yang belum baca novelnyamungkin karakter Snape adalah tokoh jisah paling unpredictable dan paling dilm dalam cerita fantasi ini.

When a ghost appears totally unexpectedly? Laddaland full movie Place your ad here Loading. Untuk soal efekmungkin film ini memang yang terbaik dari semua serial Harry Potter.

MP3 Komentar Belum ada komentar. When the main character does not see the ghost sneaking up behind him?

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Namun ternyata setelah beberapa bulandiketahui bahwa Sam masih hidup. The Spiritual World 97 min Horror 5. It makes the presenter who interview him wondering why Tom lying to everyone that he have a spectacular and perfect lifebut actually he carries so much problems that need to share to laddda else.


Boom, pregnant from an affair, is told by her lover to leave him and his family alone.

The first segment, “Happiness” is about a lonely girl who corresponded with a stranger over hand phone text messaging and soon discovered something strange about In “Flame”, a man is haunted by regret and a ghost after he survives a nightclub fire that killed A character which makes all boy who watch the movie hate her because the arrogancethe straightunexpressionand unsentiment feeling of Summer.

Meanwhile, Nan experiences supernatural phenomena when she is swayed by her friends to visit the house where the Burmese maid was killed, but Thee’s inability to believe them causes her to move to her boarding school until the end of her term. There is no extraordinary things in this movie.

Yahnamanya juga film terakhir mau ngga mau ceritanya harus dibuka semua dongiya ngga? Soon the two believe they are the next targets. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc.

Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, Sathorn Unique Tower berubah menjadi bangunan kumuh yang terabaikan keberadaannya namun kemudian mulai menarik perhatian banyak turis lokal maupun asing yang tertarik akan sejarah dan bentuk bangunan tersebut… serta berbagai rumor mengenai aktivitas supranatural yang menghantuinya.