Director Jerry London, working from a compact script co-written by noted science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon, relates the compelling story at a steady pace and maintains a grimly sober tone from start to finish. It’s simple, somewhat ludicrous, but quite effective little thriller. There’s a neat bit at the end when the two last survivors try to battle the D9 bulldozer with a large crane but this cool while it lasts scene is a little too short. BTW, this non-videoed TVdrama became a kind of campus cult classic for a while. Killdozer is a fun throwback to the 70’s that is a product of it’s time for sure but one that still holds up pretty well today in late some thirty fives years after is was made. This film could have been great, but instead it just falls flat due to poor directing, and in turn the film just ends up being boring. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Moon of the Wolf TV Movie

I gave this a ten because it scared the living daylights out of me as a kid. User Reviews Yes, a consensus all-time blockbuster. Except that bulldozer kills. This film was a thriller where an ordinary object we can take for granted becomes an object of fear — a twist Edgar Allen Poe often used in his works. Meade’s polished cinematography and Gil Melle’s nicely wonky’n’spooky score are both up to par. The adaptation drew elements from both the TV Movie and the original Theodore Sturgeon short story that appeared in the November issue of “Astounding Science Fiction.

Some of the shots of the beach are quite nice. Killdozer 2 of 5 Dir: I’d like to see the film again. Alex roy Super Reviewer. Tomorrow’s gonna be another tough day. Everything had to come alive eventually. Movies like “Killdozer” were a real treat for us kids as we took nothing for granted; and, most of us kids believed in magic which made these movies even better. A bomb on board an airliner has an altitude-sensitive trigger.


I haven’t seen that one yet. Dead of Night TV Movie The adaptation drew elements from both the TV Movie and the original Theodore Sturgeon short story that appeared in the November issue of “Astounding Science Fiction.

Though Kelly realizes his story will not be believed as he is a recovering alcoholic, and this job was his last chance to redeem himself, he intends to tell the truth. Home for the Holidays TV Movie Relevant discussion may be found on the talk ratlng.

Wisconsin s punk band Killdozer is named after the film.

The rqting is soon reduced to just Kelly and Dennis Carl Betz. The setting prevents any large scale destruction but it’s still cool to see the thing drive around destroying everything it comes across although it doubt it could sneak up on anyone as it’s probably a noisy bugger.

One also has to wonder what the thing was hoping to accomplish. Mack, ratijg nearby as this occurs, falls ill and then dies some hours later. An error has occured. Share this Rating Title: Chub Neville Brandthe team’s mechanic, cannot find anything wrong with moovie inoperative bulldozer, but can hear the odd sound from the blade.

More Top Movies Trailers. An investigative reporter stumbles onto an artist that has made a pact to come back after his death to sculpt a statue of a demon using human blood and clay. Too bad the movie doesn’t go into detail about the strange force that possesses the ratinf and starts it on a murderous rampage. That’s not exactly a good position to be in. As good as Duel?


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Most of these are virtually unknown and even more impossible to track down, but when you do find one you’re usually in for a big and undemanding killozer treat. Although never very bad, Killdozer is great either and the plot seems lifted from many other genre films.

Killdozer TV Movie.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your killdozeg. After seeing this movie, I wouldn’t go too-close-to any kind of heavy machinery equipment like tractors; dump trucks; back- and front-end loaders; etc Search for ” Killdozer ” on Amazon.

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Summary; Small construction crew working in alone in Pacific. Well, despite its greater age, smaller budget and simplicity; ‘Killdozer’ could shovel earth all over it. Goofs As the construction crew leaves the camp that was destroyed by the bulldozer and drive away, you can see the shadow of the very tall crane the camera is mounted on.