What are you saying, Mr. Yasin and Mahir are playing a game. Besides, he especifically said that he believes that Nazif baba is innocent. Your wife will come during the visit and explain to you everything. I have never hidden at any point in time that I cannot stand that man. Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable:

Mahir saw this fingerprint under the desk in prosecutor Suleiman’s office. It might make me get in a better mood as well. Commissioner Yasin wants to help to this job. Mahir makes the decision to stay away from both Feride and the courthouse. The jail’s manager order is final. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

It is our duty to let two lovebirds become one on such a beautiful day in spring time. But when he hears that his mother was tortured, he gets angry. In order to cover his tracks he tries to drag the Kara family further into darkness and despair.

Hmm, this scent would wake the dead Mahir follows Feride home and proposes a second time to her. Turgut, who is now certain that Mahir is there on a secret mission, is looking for ways of ridding himself of Mahir. The speed of the bullet was halted by that watch that was subtitlse his pocket. I still remember your voice when you were telling me that there’s a responsibility behind every decision you make.


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Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Connect iaradayi YouTube No thanks. His life is still in danger.

Orhan shoots Subtktles in front of his house on the day of his father’s trial. Who knows how many people had their rights stolen from them eoisode like my dad. First let’s get your shipment back, then we can talk about who sold you out. You said it yourself that there is no future for us and that our story ends here.

Please leave the talking to me. Now I just need to get Turgut out without any problems or incidents.

Use the following code to embed this video. Episose say I didn’t tell you. If you want tea or anything, the boys are here. Feride’s response to this will be a great surprise for Mahir. And therefore, whatever he knows can benefit me in my document preparation.


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I will explain later, Yasin. Turgut threatens Ayten not to say a word to anyone that he raped her.

How can we have her wear it We will literally be destroyed. Please provide Mr minister with whatever he needs.

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I say, don’t go. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. This is going to hurt us more, Mahir. Mahir is not here. If he knew he would immediately come here! Necdet and Berdan the Snake, take a plan against Mahir and they succeed it. What are you so sure of? Mahir is able to step outside and wait for Feride while she speaks to his family without her finding out that he is Mahir Kara.

But his current condition worries us. All for our brother Vejsil.