That night, Alice finally explains Ostia is trapped in a temporal loop that resets every July 28th, and thus far Alice has brought a total of 35, living people into Ostia in order to shake up the world. When it is time for Ai’s thirteenth birthday, Julie, Scar, and the students of Class throw a party for her. Kiriko further explains his desire to protect Ulla from the harsh reality of their world ever since being appointed as her teacher by Ortus’s elders and that he wants the deception to last until Ulla remains as the last living human, thus making her powers meaningless. Ai resolves to remain being a gravekeeper and leaves the village with Hampnie who disregards the duel with Julie. Retrieved November 20, A flashback shows the 7-year-old Ai, being made the village gravekeeper upon her mother’s death and had been carrying out her duty ever since, explaining that grave-keepers are the only ones that can help the dead rest in peace after God’s Abandonment. Add – More Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

Add – More R. Views Read Edit View history. However, thanks to Alice’s special ability, “Buzzer Beater,” he is able to shoot down her bullets. Confused and depressed, Ai begins to lose hope until she spontaneously remembers what Kizuna and Hana taught her were the essentials in life. He explained they will not be able to leave until the seal over the city is broken, but Ai still chooses to help, and Julie and Scar state they will follow her wherever she goes. As they approach the entrance gates, a particular statue catches Ai’s attention; Ortus’ Guardian Goddess: As they continue on, Julie warns Ai to hide the fact that she is a gravekeeper from the world just as the young man, Kiriko Zubreska reawakens and explains that he is an Ortus governmental apprentice who had fled from thieves. As the fog-wave retreats, Alice realizes the truth and remembers how he died while saving Dee from falling.

Add – Epiisode Mahoutsukai no Yome: A flashback shows Lady Alfa and her daughter Ai overlooking their village, with the former expressing a desire of changing their village into a place equivalent to Heaven where the dead can be happy. Just as Ulla turns her gaze upon Ai, Julie rescues her at the last second, and are joined by the man in the lion mask. Add – More Juushinki Pandora. Meanwhile, Julie and Scar witness a fog-wave that threatens to swallow Ostia.


Ai awakens to find herself on the bank with Julie who reveals Hampnie had saved her from an ambush but was hence kidnapped.

Upon returning to the inn, Kiriko enlists the help of Diva to have a epiaode at the ill Scar. Volrath Fahren and Hardy want to elope, and Rune Sagittarius aspires to go to Espia, an underwater city. Dee asks Ai if she has interest in any school activates, saying she may come to like staying in Ostia.

In the second part scene takes place after in the middle of episode 9Alice remembers the times he has killed his classmates and he encounters Hampnie Hambart, and a battle ensures. Diva’s analysis reveals that Scar has a condition known as pseudocyesis and suspects that the voices Scar had been hearing are somehow connected. Julie also notes that Hampnie does not like meaningless violence and has his own sense of morality, and he shows Ai a picture of Hampnie’s lover, Hana, who Ai shockingly acknowledges as her mother.

Add – More Soushin Shoujo Matoi: Add – More Sakura Quest. The next morning, Julie prohibits Ai from setting foot outside their inn while simultaneously, Scar falls ill, and explains of hearing a voice calling out to her. Archived from the original on February 1, Kiriko explains that Ulla’s mother hatefully wished death upon all humans at her deathbed, granting the unborn Ulla her power; which was rejected by her twin, Celica. Add – More Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka?

At night, Alice apologizes and thanks Ai for her kindness.

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Ai and Alice play basketball together, and when Dee overhears Alice’s conviction to sacrifice anything he must to free Classshe decides she will create her own world by first destroying the old. Ai and Alice then notice that Dee is forcing all the students of Class to remember the incident of that day, and the world begins to reset itself drastically. The next day, Ai grows concerned when she doesn’t notice the townsfolk.


Add – More Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica.

Elsewhere, Kiriko meets with Ortus’ Princess Ulla Eulesse Hecmatika, and remarks that she will be the one to rpisode the world. Dee fears if that world were to disappear she will as well, explaining why she prevents anyone from resolving the temporal loop.

Another flashback shows the e;isode time Alice and Dee left Ostia, and Dee is shocked to find herself as ghost. Just as Ai deduces that he merely acts cruel to hide his pain, they are discovered and Hampnie kicks Ai off the bridge into the river below.

In the first part scene takes place in between episode 9 and 10taking place before the characters reach Ostia, Ai and the others visit a hot spring. Ai is taken to an unusual school, Goran Academy, where the students have special abilities. Finally much to everyone’s shock, Scar realizes Celica had been calling out to her, and upon Scar’s touch, the child enters the flow of time. Alice and two other boys accidentally break into the bath, angering the girls. Get – More Trickster: Nevertheless, Ai encourages Gigi Totogi, and the Gedenburg sisters, Mimieta and Memepo, to leave as a way to start a new life if they want, but Tanya is still unsure, and she envies Ai’s willpower.

Add – More Strange Dawn.

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Julie sees his deceased wife and daughter, Alice notices a strange open window of his past, and Ai sees her parents Kizuna and Hana. Following Celica’s directions to Scar’s location, Ai had sends a letter to Ulla and Kiriko episose their recent adventures. They run for the classroom while Dee attempts to repeat that same day by jumping out of the window again as means to reset the world and herself.

Add – More Captain Grr. Kabushiki Gaisha Knight Busters.

Add – More Renai Boukun. She senses Ai’s aura is like a rainbow at night.