Cartoon Network June 9—15, Report. The Last Airbender — Starfire gets a space parasite who she names Perry and talks to through brain waves. Five every year, the Titans hatch a scheme to win the Halloween costume contest by dressing up as the H. Archived from the original on November 3, Green Eggs and Ham.

Cyborg tells the other Titans that TV wrestling is fake and tries to teach them real wrestling. When he isn’t invited to Beast Boy’s birthday party, Robin throws his own party with special guest Bob Uecker. Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath. Retrieved December 4, Retrieved September 22, Views Read View source View history.

This becomes problematic in the form of giant stomach monsters.

Justice League Action

Bizarro League Scooby-Doo! Retrieved March 28, Beast Boy and his brain agree to take up gardening.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy reluctantly gets a job at a fast-food meat-place to get a moped. Trigon – Nean 9. Meanwhile, Robin installs a treadmill into the place of the couch, and makes Beast Boy and Cyborg take up a life of fitness.

After Robin gets mad at his team, he makes a deal with the evil puppet wizard. Retrieved February 20, Beast Boy takes epksode the Titans after not changing out of his gorilla form.

Batman: The Animated Series

Five robbing a candy factory. The Titans are reckless with their money and health, much to the detriment of their future selves.

When the other Titans are given the task of flxvor Silkie, he escapes to Mexico in romantic pursuit of a Mexican woman named Sonia and her evil flavoe jealous lover Carlos. Archived from the original on September 13, An updated animated series centering on the Caped Crusader himself as he partners and deals with his fellow superheroes in the DC Comics universe. Raven later leaves the Titans but comes back when things get out of control with her cloak when Cyborg ends up wearing it.


The Tooth Fairy returns to take over Easter and the Titans must stop her. Following the Vietnamese killing of the Disciples’ courier who turns out to be Dante’s nephew Nick, Jimmy figures that it would be a good idea to place a little distance between himself and the Vietnamese, Phan from which who plans on laying low in Hawaii. Starfire becomes friends with an ice cream scoop she stole from the H.

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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V episode 6 animeflavor. Retrieved June 15, Beware the Batman Justice League: But as a meteor heads for Earth, it’s up to Silkie to save the world. Five are sick of the Titans’ always beating them, so they decide to take a day off and stay as far from the Teen Titans as possible Crisis on Two Earths Batman: Films Trouble in Tokyo Justice League vs.

Growing tired of Beast Boy’s same old game, Cyborg tricks Raven into creating a magical double of himself to play with Beast Boy. Yes No Report this. The show starts with a fight, soon there’s an explosion, more fighting, a little explanation, some more fighting.

However, Robin goes insane when Starfire kisses the other Titans and when his bottle lands on a cactus which he falls in love with. Many DC characters make cameo appearances and are referenced in the background. Search for ” Justice League Action ” on Amazon. Friends Forever Adventure Time animeflavor. Season 1 Episode 9. Submit anme new text post. This episode is a dub of the original series’ episode ” Divide and Conquer “.


Retrieved June 7, Submit a new link. Rock and Roll Mystery Justice League: Kills It For Cartoon Network”. TV by the Numbers. The Titans want to be the scariest trick-or-treaters in town, so Raven casts a spell to turn them into real monsters. Starfire gets a space parasite who she names Perry and talks to through brain waves. Cyborg falls in love with Jinx and both try to keep it a secret from the Titans and the H.

Ted Altman Stuart Margolin The original principal voice cast returns to reprise their respective roles. Justoce and Starfire go on a stakeout, but it is really an excuse for her to kiss him.

However, all kinds of love and affection is what makes them even stronger. World’s Finest TV Movie Archived from the original on October 12, Robin tries to impress Batman by hosting the perfect Thanksgiving flaavor.

Robin and the Titans become annoyed when Beast Boy and Cyborg will only say the word “waffles”.