Set up of all the Jongo units is via the Pure connect app. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Again this is not an audiophile product but as a background music provider with good quality audio at reasonable listening levels, it fulfils its design brief. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Again, with the right volume levels to suitably produce a nice level of background music the T4X does sound detailed and good with vocals. Which is useless because, among other things, one of these is a stereo radio. The grilles are clipped on very securely, and require an included plastic prying tool to remove them.

You can stream synchronised music from any device e. Caskeid compatibility Bug fixes. Sporting a fresh new look and updated Bluetooth Caskeid technology, the Jogo X Series devices will be compatible with Spotify, Deezer and other streaming services, sent through a supporting smartphone or tablet. You can start with one on its own or a number of Jongo units all connected together or used separately in a multiroom or multi-role configuration, within your home. I noticed today that amazon. Unlike the other speakers it is also completely portable and can run for 20 hours on battery power. Again this is not an audiophile product but as a background music provider with good quality audio at reasonable listening levels, it fulfils its design brief.

Around the back of the speaker unit is a power supply input, a USB port a 3. For more information on the tech you can visit the website http: Android-based Wi-Fi music standards have the speakerd problem as the Android platform itself: Read moreā€¦ By incorporating both in cabinets only 35mm just over 1.


Pure Jongo Wireless Multiroom System Review

I had no problems over metres through concrete floors. Thanks for that link. Finding controlling the volume from LMS very fiddly. I noticed today that amazon. You had this Total 0. Each speaker also houses a newly architectured digital sound processor and dynamic equalisation.

And I would like functioning stations again. If you are expecting a bass heavy, room loaded sound then forget seriees you “cannae change the laws of physics. Is this what you mean? And the app will now show which speakers are in use around the house and those that aren’t.

The power button is constantly lit either amber in standby or speakera when in use. I tried the upnp bridge on my amp which had dnla and could not get it to work very well so this is a bit of a gamble for me. Bug fixes and stability improvements. As a rounded near-cube of approximately 5.

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Related Reviews Amazon Echo 2nd Gen, Your nickname or email address: Check the speakere is 2. Go to Wish List. A Bluetooth speaker works fine on its own, but its bandwidth is limited compared to Wi-Fi and it can suffer from pops and gaps if you also use a Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, or Bluetooth headphones in the same room.

So, not bad at all, yet nothing exceedingly compelling at the same time. It can also be used as a convenient remote speakerss for your Pure Jongo wireless multiroom speakers. Sonos has an equalizer feature which carries over to upnpbridge access.


The Jongo S3 is surrounded on four sides and two side corners with the rounded cloth grilles, white or black plastic covering the other side corners and base, and a black or white metal grille on top. Again, the T2X must be powered at all times. That’s how Pure bills its Jongo series: Compared to the first two units in the system, the S3X is a very speamers beast.

Unfortunately, if you prefer Spotify, Speakegs Play All-Access, or virtually any other service to listen to music online, you can’t play it through a Wi-Fi connection to the Jongo S3; the Pure Connect app handles all Wi-Fi music streaming, so you’ll have to use a Bluetooth connection for any media not available on the app.

The only major physical difference is a port to the rear of the unit, where on the T4X it is to the front under the grille.

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In a modern new build we are sure there will be few problems jjongo a Jongo to work in every room. Aug 16, Version 4. View All 6 Photos in Gallery.