Both Ruby and Pink are also busy while talking about getting another Deco Stone. As Pink is going to class and about to board the train, she finally has new courage to face her dreams as herself and never forgetting her friends back at Jewel Land. Coal is at the peak of his anger as he then cast another dark magic over the dark cloud, powering it up as it beats up the Kira Deco 5. His speeches always end with “Dechu” and he also loves popcorn. However, not knowing to the two that they were being watched by two of the Four Heavenly Kings. She also works at a bar.

He also has minor appearances in Happiness before his major debut in Episode 31, where he forms a Magic Gem with Nobara Kitajima. But what is the culprit’s intentions to them? However, the mall has been overgrown with a lot of plants, making their trials a lot harder. In a worst case scenario, he attacked everyone in the land including the civilians, turning everything to coal, taking down Jewelina’s statue from the mountains above and turning the sun pitch black. The Jewelpet of Harmony and the Jewelpet partner of Rinko’s parents, Rald is a black and white giant panda who wears a dark pink waistcoat and a pink and yellow striped hat. Even Coal got into it and failed. Meanwhile, Retsu is still searching for the rest of the Deco Stones on a cliff until he calls his younger brother, annoying Midori even more than ever while he recalls his sad days back on Earth on how Retsu is better than him.

But luck got into a bad turn after she had lunch when it started to rain. A Jewelpet’s appearance depends on which species they’re based on. Retrieved from ” https: She usually wears glasses, as well as in her human form. Retsu tries to snap her while she attacks but received an electric shock due to him not following the rules.

Midori decides to gather his courage and take on the course by himself, but will he win in the end and get the Deco stone at the goal? They both up and saw Peridot arriving at their shop and greeting Ruby and Pink. Thought she has a crush on Midori, she later breaks up with her after seeing him flirting with other girls and blames for his bad personality.

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But in the same time, the Dark General plans eenglish last and final stand against those to stand in his way by using the power of the Yami Stones to himself and becomes a more demonic entity who plans to destroy Jewel Land and plunge it into eternal darkness. And ennglish Titana’s true intentions to Midori? Shown to be clumsy and very accident-prone, she tries to correct her own dexo and learn from them.


He first appeared in the end segment of Episodes 42 and 43, on which he narrates the end segments of the series about the Jewel Star Grand Prix. She started to fall in love to the human boy, knowing she found her honey of love. As the gang arrive at the said desert town called the Paradise Village, they all start their search and look around the town for food and also the location of the Deco Stone.

Episode 52 Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 9 Jewelpet Kira Deco! Garnet is elisode as a prideful but a very hardworking character.

The mysterious figure took off his clothing and revealed himself as a Gray Maine Coon Jewelpet named Dian, one of the members of the Four Heavenly Kings.

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Everyone in the festival are enjoying themselves to the full, even Coal and his lackeys. Suddenly, candles started to light up on its own and they got scared. But then got kidnapped by someone in the forest. She also works at a eenglish. Meanwhile, Coal is reporting in on the Decoranian about his failures on getting the Deco Stones before Opal and Io came in and told him about the reports on the mysterious monster attacks as he came up with a plan.

How will they all find each other and when will they get the next Deco Stone? Two songs were made for both the Opening and Ending themes of the series. As they arrive into a house, they all think Rald is about to eat her until stopped him, it failed as he punched Ruby away.

Debuting in Episode 42, she causes Kuranosuke to lose confidence in himself. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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The Jewelpet of Solace and one of Fealina’s Jewelpet partners, Angela is a pastel pink alpaca with a white face and ears who wears two flower garlands on her ears and a blue jewel necklace with white angel wings. The Jewelpets and Pink were happy on the two.


Tom make matters worse for them, Professor Decorski contacted the group and told them that the situation in Earth is getting worse: In Lady, he is a fortune teller, which Lillian and Miura attend to in their date.

Episofe same also goes to Ruby as well.

How will this turn out in the end and resolve the love triangle? Coal is again scolded by the Dark General from failing again in getting the Deco Stones as he’s given another chance to steal them from Ruby’s group. What is this strange monster lurking in the forest, and will they get another Deco Stone in time? They both talked about her searching and studying about the Deco Stones with Kiichi worrying about his weakness despite that he wants to protect her. In Happiness, he kifa as a spa massager and therapist, who tries to massage Master’s strained arm.

Her speech ends in “Butsukushii”. With nowhere to go, Coal ended up in an urban desert city while thinking over his purpose after being fired from Decoranian. However for Kaiser, it will be proven useful on defeating the leader of the KiraDeco 5 and taking advantage on getting all of their Deco Stones.

Kaiya realized this and later gave them a second chance on trying to be appealing. She debuted in the end of episode 38 during the Christmas Party after Ruby’s friends saved Sakuran’s life. In Episode 51, her powers were ineffective against Dark Dian, thus lending her powers to the Jewel Stick with the other Jewelpets to defeat Dark Dian once and for all. In Twinkle, she kirw Hilde’s Jewelpet Partner.

Other than her magic skills, Garnet demonstrate good special skills regarding fashion, knowing which clothing is good for the wearer or choosing a good dress. Retsu has once finished his tough training, determined to get another Deco Stone. She and King were held captive after then but then escaped in Episode 49 to help Rinko and the others.

In Magical Change, she is one of Airi’s 4 Jewelpet partners who made their stay in her house.