But Peridot herself is actually in trouble about her life these days as they decided to help her. Sapphie decides to help Azusa to grow the little Rose for the contest itself. In the academy, things were about to get worse as Lapis introduced herself to the students and she put the girls in several harsh cooking lessons. They however disgustedly disliked his idea as he himself left in anger before saying some bad thing about the cafe. Happiness is confirmed to have two official songs. Ruby is very happy today as she decides deliver her invitation letters to the post office, telling Chiari and the other about Luna along the way.

As Nene closed the call, both girls were worried on what would happen next. As he’s about to make another batch, Taira noticed that he used up all of the coffee beans and trouble finally starts to brew. However when they arrive they saw a lot of girls waiting in line outside their practice hall and worse of all making Fluola’s present melt. The girls and the pets were worried where she is hiding, however they got another problem regarding the coffee beans for the Christmas Cake as Nene decided to go to the Rocks Cafe while searching for Amelie. Kaiya converted it into a hot spring bath with her magic before they resume their lesson about dancing gracefully. The girls weren’t unsure they should eat it until Sakuran appears and served them some sweets she brought.

Jewelpet Happiness Episode 2 English Sub/Dub

Ruby told the three that they will open the Cafe in the side of the Academy, also Chiari taking notice about the Magical Jewel Box. Labra wanted to see it while wanting to know how she can obtain one for herself as Sapphie explained that both the hearts of the Jewelpets and Humans must unite together. Garnet is happy on the outcome. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Marie is still heartbroken that she is the only person who doesn’t have a Magic Gem of her own as both Nobara and Mutsumi cheered her up.

Happiness is the final Jewelpet Anime animated by Studio Comet, ending the studio’s 5-year run before Zexcs took over production for Lady Jewelpet.

Jewelpet Happiness Episode 1 English Subbed

At Marie’s booth, which is decorated in an over the top fashion, both Marie and Nobara were selling their old stuff as Coal passed by. However during the sample act they all made, Prase is disappointed on each one of them due to how bad their acting were.


The door opens as Taira himself appeared in front of them and got totally amused on Opal. The girls themselves must find a way to stop her.

She told the girls and the pets about Tata and they must form a Jewel Guard to take him down. A while later, the trio were watching over a volleyball competition between Kosuke, Mouri, Takumi and Taira as he told Chiari she has the potential to be his girlfriend.

Jewelpet Happiness Episode 16 English Subbed at gogoanime

Sapphie used her Jewel Magic to materialize a box for him to hide as Apels arrived and antagonize the girls for keeping Rald. Knowing the girls will be scared, he told them that the ghost looked like a catfish and fought it single-handedly, which then impresses everyone in the room.

He finally went to the cafeteria and arrived just in time for him to fix the air conditioner as he used his magic to bring the aircon to life. With Angela feeling worried and confused, Ruruka comes in and talked her about Asano, and Angela wanted to cheer him up in some way. Garnet asked what cafe is it as she went outside and saw a bigger cafe in front of them.

Back to Ruby, practice isn’t going smoothly as Prase is getting even more disappointed on the pets practicing. A while later, he regains consciousnesses and saw Rald as both of them were in the ocean, all alone.

The other pets are doing the same and Garnet is busy happineas as Sapphie told her to make the uniforms. Luna herself knew how happy Ruby and Chiari were relating each other that Luna is not happy on her job due to summer fatigue.

A while later, Luna met up with both Nobara and Marie and gave her an offer to help her deliver the letters, not knowing to Luna about Marie’s plan. Ruby and Chiari needed to find another way to convince Nobara he’s a rabbit. At the cafe, the pets are busy setting up the place as the girls arrived on time to help as Nene said that Sanada’s band will perform for the event. Sanada then appeared and had dpisode conversation with the two, talking about Takumi’s problems and cheering him up.

But he himself had no idea that Angela is actually Dorothy, the doll the little girl is searching for Chiari decided to talk to Sanada and hands out the flyer to him, as he accepts and left with the group.

Jewellet all of their ideas weren’t good as Garnet said and told them they should prepare better foods. On the other hand, Labra and Rossa looked at the ice sculpture that looks like Yuke and he told them it is his childhood friend. Jewelpe is furious and scolded Ruby for now appearing earlier as Ruby left and make some tea. Back at the cafe, the pets heard from Garnet about the rumors regarding their cafe making girls cuter, just like what happened to Chiari.


The statue in front of them moved and revealed herself as Prase, a Toy Poodle Jewelpet who speaks French. They told her that Sakuran hapipness in the Cafe and is preparing for the New Year’s celebration. As they learned this, the Jewelpet Cafe and the School Cafeteria started to shine As everyone happinees all ready, Luna used her magic to give Chiari and her friends their own postman costumes before they can begin sending letters and on Luna wishing she would become the best postman as everyone is gone, making her frustrated.

Later, Machiko returned to the same room for someone to see her work, but was forced out. Later, Titana, Ruby and Garnet were thinking more about what act should they do on the tomorrow’s happinfss show until they heard someone scream.

Chiari agrees to have a day off with Ruby until her roommates wanted her to check her fortune.

Later on, the three decided to see Marie concentrate until she was interrupted by a passing-by fish, which annoys her. As they go on and deliver the letters in super speed, Nobara and Luna were impressed and Marie aub want Luna to do anything while they deliver, knowing ejg condition.

As the preparations were going well in the cafe and the academy, Rossa is giving them some advise bit by bit. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all walking to school one day discussing about her luck for today.

The girls sang “Hikari no Hate Ni” in the Karaoke and Marie is almost bored, but the pets cheered her up. The others were also doing their job on sending and delivering their letters to everyone.

As they went to the cafeteria, Marie and the others knew what’s going on and used this chance for her to get another Magic Gem.