Illo is asking me. Mammy Water A gentle portrait by Jean Rouch of the spiritual traditions of a fishing…. Now the old one I’ll keep, I don’t throw it away. Films from independent producers worldwide. This sparked his interest in ethnography, a practice he approached with openness and lack of judgment. At the bridge we should wash because we sweat too much, hey? I salute the drawings. No sir, it’s for

The Lord said so, and he wanted us to wear clothes, so we shouldn’t laugh at them. Hello mister customs man! Better hold my hat! Existing customers, please log in to view this film. Illo is asking me. She laughs very well! Heider, Ethnographic Film “Rouch’s most thorough examination of the African experience under the colonial regime, and an early example of his concept of provocation, the practice in which the camera’s presence is intended to cause those being filmed to react, thus creating, rather than merely recording, events. He sees lovely girls, smokes his cigarette nice and easy That’s what Jaguar means!

Near our tree sit the card players the young men who went to Kumasi the Kurmize We must also go.

Icarus Films: Jaguar

It’s tops, it’s magnificent, it’s sweet but I think that with a little organization, put all this junk together and gather it like this, right Good bye, Natitingu, ’til then. You see, I bought it. What’s that swinging overhead? No sir, it’s for Ah, he found a hairdresser, he wets his hair. Do they give the people jaguaar crash money? Yes, one morning we arrived in Accra town. Collaborate Improve any text by working together with other annotators.


He makes money, and learns the ways of the city, becoming a cool, urban sophisticate – or “jaguar. That is the Sombas’ way. But I know English, – you say twelve. Yes, we are in Accra, Gold Coast!

We must speak English, no French Illo spends his days sleeping, he sleeps on a canoe so nobody bothers him, near the Governor’s house Illo is nice, ain’t he? It’s like that the first time.

Subfitles II – Good bye, good bye!

Docuseek | Little By Little

I’ll be the clerk: Here is the road. With his helmet on his head and his little lamp he stayed down eight hours, three thousand feet under the earth To show where it’s been made.

What do we do?

There you are, God always cares, I meet a friend That’s the way Of young gentlemen. Look at the dancing! Lam heads to Kumasi with a Fulani herdsman, while the other two men try their fortunes in Accra. It’s better to say nothing at all!

Look, to cross the street It’s not jexn water so you say not to drink? Aren’t you scared to be there? They return to Niger full of experience, tall tales, and more money than they would have made at home.


Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. Good bye can merchant! What are you going to do? More than plain ethnography, Rouch and his collaborators have created a new kind of myth. He has lots of cattle He asks where he should take the money.

There’s no reason to make fun of them. The “zazouman” is Jaguar? Illo does not want the Somba’s water I salute the drawings. The motorcycles, Jdan automobiles, the trucks loaded with waving men. You will have accidents, sickness, the way is bad Eat that, it’s enough Oh boy, it’s sweet.

Jaguar – Jean rouch – 1967 – English subtitles

The way must be right, we must come back back to our country with lots of money to buy food and give to everybody They are going to dance.

At funerals they dance. All the jobs I want. If you “win” a bottle of whisky you jagaur thirty shillings! Now we are lost. You walk in front and be our interpreter ’cause we’ve forgotten the language since three months.