While she was passing the various stuff to me, I could sense the touch of her hair on mine, I could smell her perfume. Trinaesta cica koju vam predstavljamo je devojka sa naslovnice I know both him and his brothers your uncles, quite well. Ilona finished her conversation and said something to Milena. In the villa on the shores of the Lake of Zurich, I was remembering the nights I had spent on the floor of a room in the students dormitory in Belgrade, as a stowaway. Come to my place, at once. Before I could say anything, he was on his feet, heading towards them. Who did you ask to get on our buses?

Do come in, she thinks you just happened to come around. Juices, cold juices I keep shouting, as I move slowly through the aisle between the rows of seats. There was an expert who had gone even further than this. What God, what religion? Skoro sve Omiljeni auto: Where are your brothers, I ask, trying to change the topic and get his mind off his worries.

The pickers were paid seven Marks an hour, the carriers ten. We have everything here, you just have to name it. Usually, we gave them sandwiches, hamburgers or meat fingers in exchange for beer, tinned food, juices or coffee.

This was our good-bye and I was carefully choosing words to phrase my thoughts and feelings, trying not to hurt her. A little bit of everything. I didnt tell her about the side tracks though, but her inquisitive nature did ask about my parents.


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She was really beautiful. We stayed at the club until late at night, and agreed on our way back to meet again and go out in the evening during the forthcoming days. I dont know why they didnt resist.

Sedamnaesta cica koju vam predstavljamo je devojka sa naslovnice What could I tell her, without the words that I knew I did not know. My duty during this time was to assist her. We will occupy Serbia with our iron fist, now I listened to Genscher threatening Serbs are rebels! I was selling eight packets a day, and sometimes earned between three and five hundred Marks a day. No way, said I determinedly, we are all going together, to have a good time.

I could hear her whispering: Come to my place, ispovwst once. Trideset osma cica koju vam predstavljamo je krasila naslovnu strana Ispvest Luki would be spitting out more nonsense. It is the result of.

They had all helped each other make the first steps out of the marshland, and then it was my turn. Saint Justin of Chelije. I was in charge of Reks. And where do you live?

I am on my way to my parents, to celebrate the Saints Day, Saint John. Progovorila o Rasti, povratku na scenu, kilogramima….

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Not at all, I dont want some bastard to scratch your car youve got Belgrade plates, havent you? I insisted I should treat her to a chocolate bar of her choice, a large one.

The front line was far from here, the cannons isppovest not be heard, but the war could be seen on every face, in every eye. This is my father. Not a chance, said Milena.


In the villa on the shores of the Lake of Zurich, I was remembering the nights I had spent on the floor of a room in the students dormitory in Belgrade, as a stowaway. You are young, you will become a manager one day, I tried to comfort her.

They cant have belonged to anyone else before me. I heard the blast of a champagne bottle, and the foamy jet poured out of its top, then calmed slowly, turning into a yellowish liquid in the crystal glasses set for two. There is nothing else between us. I invited them to a restaurant, for a drink. Its no good, my brother. The only thing I could possibly teach her was how to have a good time after work.

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I kept working form early morning ispovezt late at night. Is she forgive my words a hooker or something? I guess it must be my confusion because of the way the things were developing, so the pictures of that night were rather hazy. At the exit from the town, near the petrol station, Beno said: