For money our nation can do anything no matter even if it. The channels do however need to show ethics by sticking to commitments, it is not good gesture to shelve or shift existing dramas to different timelines. That will be recipe for disaster. It should be appreciated that URDU 1 tries to focus on some new topics in its dramas and shows. The viewers deserve the best and they deserve choice. The local but powerful production houses are crying because now their huge profits are a victim of target killings by these soaps. By introducing liberalism to our audience, we are moving a step forward.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. A time for restraint. TV industry ki fikar lagee hoee hay sirf.. That will be recipe for disaster. No one is prepared to do something completely different. Hum Network has so far resisted the temptation to air Turkish soaps stating that their plays are receiving above average ratings and hence have no plans to succumb to the temptation. In their helplessness, people in need of funds turn to Shylocks.

It has a vast network in Pakistan and abroad as well. Govt incapable of handling situation with India: If you want to open, then open up everything, as it would boil down to a failr policy across the board.

The two most famous shows by URDU 1 ever are as follows:.

Why do we need dramas from other countries when we have enough produced in our country. We have so many people in our midst whose exemplary lives can episoed made subjects of a drama serial, please give hope to people, do not spread dismay. Urdu1 would keep repeating Ishq-e-Memnu throughout the day and this led to an increase in their ratings.

As this channel usually airs Indian and Turkish content too, so we get to see the Pakistani faces episde URDU 1 less as compared to other channels. The famous Baaghi drama based on the life of late social media sensation Qandeel Baloch is another fresh and unique topic.


The industry don’t need to panick if they think our dramas are better.

Watch Urdu 1 Dramas on VIDPK ~ All Episodes in HQ

It was established back in in Dubai, U. This protectionism only diminishes the overall quality of the dramas. This is the biggest and most successful fashion show of our country and is managed by URDU 1. Also, the argument of “cultural invasion” is ridiculous and loses any semblence of logic when we see the type of “culture” and “lifestyle” that is shown on the Pakistani plays.


Ever since Zia’s time, the society has become very conservative. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. URDU 1 not only is just a channel but rudu also has some other ventures. Ihq kind of logic is that?

February 24, Tax directory IF humility was a characteristic usually associated with our legislators, one would imagine several of them being Looking at the same actors again and again makes me sick. All of these are experienced people in the fields of Media, Telecommunication, and broadcastings.

Drama Dozz Online: Ishq E Memnu Episode 50 – 24 August On Urdu1

I’ll second you here Atif, the war is on who has the best drama or which channel captures the eyeballs ratings. All of these shows are family shows, provide entertainment, awareness, and are also worth watching. Appreciate Hum TV as always, as they stick to principles almost always; have delivered and hence are revered with a dedicated fan following and ratings. There is a need for India to revisit its security policies in the occupied region. Why cannot pakistan drama industry accept competition?

We held back the drama Do Naina because udu was a tactical move on our part. With the internet use rising all over Pakistan. When Star Plus epusode appeared on our TV screens viewership base shifted and some came back because we raised the quality of our dramas. However, Star Plus serials continue to be shown albeit illegally on cable channels and it has never been completely eliminated. Our industry was growing in terms of quality, employment opportunities and technical competence.


The channel is held and owned by a famous media company. Pakistani TV Drama will look like our film industry, so sad: Asking for balance is something else but a complete ban on anything, whether local or international cannot be justified in anyway. It’s sad thought that channels have to sccumb to this now.

So maybe, in 50 years time, Krdu can be as liberal as Turkey hopefully.

This franchise holds big cooking competitions all across the world. These dramas are unique and beyond perfect. URDU 1 has this Moto to provide viewers with premium quality content and to successfully take itself as well as the Pakistani entertainment to new the heights. The Annual Status of Education Report With the frequent electricity outages even in winterno Turkish drama is going to change the industry dynamics anyway.

The TV channels have to return the favour to the government by not doing which it is against its policies. They don’t want that any more and hence, they enjoy the Turkish drama serials, nice faces, interesting themes, not only doom and gloom!