Byun Shik responds to this new change by adding soldiers. This isn’t an easy series to recap given all of the little details, so thank you for the effort you’re putting into summaries. Bae Sun-dal and Cha-dol, as usual, have followed Iljimae in hopes of witnessing more of his heroic acts. The ending scene with the Monk pretty much backed up my assumptions. Gu loses his temper — this is serious stuff! Before I found your recaps the old nobles confuzzled the heck out of me. Lee David Supporting Cast.

Once again, Iljimae spends the night with another gisaeng presumably after knocking her unconscious. Download the latest version here. Kyung-ok admits the truth, and surprises everyone by pleading to be allowed to stay on: That means Cha-dol and Bae find themselves stuck at home, because if they go out looking for Iljimae, they might inadvertently get him caught. Hit Counter 1,, visits. Buying piles of salt for gossip, Bae and Cha-dol have found out that Iljimae may make an appearance tonight, and watch as Sohn gathers his men to help fight Iljimae. I think he wants to get married or stay by Wol-hee’s side because he can protect her now, something that he couldn’t do with Dal, therefore she died Still, Chun-wol bawls her eyes out, and the madam admonishes her for allowing herself to develop feelings for someone who should have just been a guest.

The merchant begs for mercy, but Shim orders his men to beat up the man anyway. I understand the language in this particular drama is difficult to translate but I really wish the sub crew at Viikii can translate faster or have more help i.

I’m too impatient to wait for subs and my knowledge of Korean is too basic to dramacrrazy understand all of the details of this drama Gu speaks to his subordinate through the closed door while Iljimae moves to hide, and both are shocked to hear that Fake Iljimae has showed up and is demanding to see Gu.


Lee Hyun Woo Supporting Cast. Gu laughs, having almost forgotten that fact — he obviously looks at her as trusted subordinate but never as a woman, to her dismay. Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie.

Episodes by LollyPip. During the Joseon Dynasty, a young son of a nobleman watches his own father being killed by a mysterious man wielding a sword with a special emblem. Equivalent to criminal recklessness, I believe. Thank you, I’ve been waiting all week for you recap! April 13, at 2: The soldiers are tired and the people are too, which makes Swe Dol extra panicked when he sees all the local thugs coming for them.

After all, it was prepared by his mother: Jung Il Woo Main Cast. I guess I just have not watched enough historical dramas with a lot of wire work so I miss the flaws.

Not sure who I dislike more, the sycophant or the cruel bastard. The guy has some cojones, for sure.

Now, the following is a scene that I love for all its unspoken messages. Yong gets into the episod via the back door and scouts around for a later mission. Lee Hyun Woo Supporting Cast. Comments 13 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. I’m having withdrawal pains now that this drama has ended, so it’s nice to relive it via your summaries; please keep them coming!

Inside the room, unseen by Iljimae, Wol-hee cries silently. Was she waiting for him to tell her he loves her??!!

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No Young Hak Supporting Cast. I haven’t watched High Kick but one thing that i know, i’m totally fallin’ in love with him. Noble dude gets home just in time to slam the doors on an infuriated Bong Soon. Iljimae comes upon him and tells him to go back, but as the boy is eager to be of use, he is entrusted with an errand. After a lot of shouting, they settle down and Episdoe gives him the lesson inherent in the blade which is actually a treasure of his and a really good sword, I bet: Inside, Shi Wan and Shi Hoo are both going, liek what?


Yang Jae Sung Supporting Cast. Baek-mae tells him that their fate has already passed them by, and turns him away. Yong realizes that all the extra soldiers have episodd called off for something and he rushes outside in time to singlehandedly beat off half the soldiers.

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Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Kim Chang Wan Supporting Cast. I’m really curious on what your opinion will be of Wol-hee and Iljimae’s dramacrwzy relationship in the next few episodes. As is wont to happen, Chun-wol falls for him almost immediately oh, the perils of a beautiful face and is subdued, almost girlishly shy.

The Return of Iljimae

From a different part of town, Eun Chae comes too, trailing her protesting servant. It’s amazing how subtle this drama is and yet somehow it still makes me excited to see the next episode. Lee Episoed Jong Supporting Cast. As she tidies up his room, Iljimae mentions having met her before in the village. When he sees the corpse, Yong loses it, and chases off after the evil nobles too.