Frequently Asked Questions Q: Carly tries to impress a new boyfriend by trying to look smarter than she is. Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Send a follower request via the social media link. Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. You can now add latest scene releases to your collection with Add to Trakt. Officer Kramer as Tiffany C.

Officer Kramer as Tiffany C. Sergeant Cooper Aaron Craven Season 5 Episode 7 – iStill Psycho 1 In this episode Nora, the crazy fan who kidnapped the iCarly trio, has been released from prison and is still obsessed with iCarly. Meanwhile, the gang tries to find T-Bo a new place to live after he gets kicked out of the Groovy Smoothie. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Season 5 Episode 9 – iBalls Freddie decides he wants to be a creative member of the iCarly team which includes him wanting to perform on the show. Voiceover voice Adam Tait If in doubt, do not use.

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Additional information Networks Nickelodeon. He was supposed to come home for his birthday and celebrate it with Carly and Spencer, but can’t make it because of some emergency. More features and updates coming to this app real soon.

iCarly Season 5 episode 10 – iToe Fat Cakes – video dailymotion

Freddie decides he wants to be a creative member of the iCarly team which includes him wanting to perform on the show. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8. Freddie wants to co-host the show with Sam while Gibby works the camera. Edit Details Release Date: Unable to check herself out, how can the gang free Sam before they have to film iCarly? Gibby Rest of cast listed alphabetically: They then return to her house, but will they make it out again? Season 2 Episodes Builders are free to use it for their builds too.


Miranda Cosgrove Carly Shay. Voiceover voice Adam Tait This would pose ucarly health hazards during the production of the Fat Cakes, especially since Sam has long hair and gets close enough to the production line.

Ratings and reviews 4. Your review will post soon. Christopher Cane the British actor who plays Rex on Victorious hosts the iCarly otoe on his show for a discussion of their acting and bloopers.

iCarly – Season 5, Episode iToe Fat Cakes –

Season 5 Episode 4 – iLove You Carly suggests that Sam and Freddie try each other’s favorite hobbies; Spencer asks his former babysitter to dinner. It is called Drake and Josh and the episode she is watching is called The Peruvian Puff Pepper this is the third reference to Drake and Josh on the show and only the second time she is seen watching it the first time being iGet Pranky.

Will Carly fight for Sam and Freddie, or help Gibby break them up? Use the HTML below. Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Jerry Trainor Spencer Shay.


iCarly – Season 5 Episode 10: iToe Fat Cakes

Christopher Cane Rex from Victorious interviews the cast and shows their bloopers from the show. Carly, Gibby, Freddie, and Spencer try to break her out.

Carly gets her toe stuck in a bathtub right before she is supposed to leave for a date. Three days after the lock-in at Ridgeway, Carly and Freddie find out that Sam put 110 in the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital, for thinking she has lost her mind when she fell for Freddie.

Season 1 Episodes Edit Storyline Carly gets her toe stuck in a spigot before a date.

Electric Bloopaloo Christopher Cane Rex from Victorious fst the cast and shows their bloopers from the show. Season 5 Episodes Freddie and Sam are officially together, but involve Carly in every single fight! During the episode, Freddie broadcasts a web show with 3-D effects, which messes up people’s vision. Can’t play on this device.