Senpai torturing jealous kouhai ensues. Same reason as Germany dubs almost if not all TV series. Holding and holding back by socroy reviews [Golden Pair] Eiji doesn’t like being out of control [Ch. Times of Yore reviews Snippets from Wufei’s and Meiran’s life that the episode zero manga never mentioned. Originally Posted by Rixis. A Beginning reviews A little ficlet about the four guys as the journey begins. Last edited by Rekindled; at

Hinted Oshitari x Fuji. Eat Me by strangertrack reviews Eiji wants Oishi to eat him. There reviews While Soubi is unfamiliar and cold, his touch is strangely comfortable. Book of Mormon – Rated: Ranking the BIG Just why does Fuji smile the way he does? Chasing a Dream reviews About a reflective Duo and a down to earth Heero. I’m mainly a ficlet and oneshot writer but may occasionally attempt multipart stories.

Work Out reviews Hawkeye had suggested, calmly, that perhaps sir, you should take up jogging.

To others dib is a distant memory. HomuraxGoku Saiyuki – Rated: The greatest breach of ettiquette imaginable by Reikah reviews Upon arriving in a world where the inhabitants’ souls exist outside the body in the form of an animal, the travelers discover a little about themselves.

And Luffy’s insistence on following the Pirate Tradition. Rated for nude Soujirou, adult situations, and language.

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I’m an on-and-off-and-on again fandom person and writer since roughly forever. Times of Yore reviews Snippets from Wufei’s and Meiran’s life that the episode zero manga never mentioned. A story that hunteg around life, friendship and love. Coffee Break reviews About a conversation between Duo, Heero and Wufei as they wait for the other pilots in a coffee shop. Jul 24, 7.

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Originally Posted by Lily Crowley. Give it a try? Elricest Fullmetal Alchemist – Rated: Towards the Beginning reviews A brat, he says. Can she convince the rest of her family that it’s a good idea? Saitou epsiode on some strange things in the RK-verse. Fate, Destiny and All That reviews Heero and Duo have a conversation about fate, destiny and all that. Of course that’s before there are more dead bodies then gondola floating in the canals.


As I said, I require that which is most important to you. Last edited by Gamers. K – English – Angst – Chapters: Every Day Life reviews Ryoma didn’t bat an eye.

Middle of a Roundabout Focus: Yesterday’s Shadow is Tomorrow’s Twilight by XD reviews Kenji slips from the dojo to what he thought was freedom, huntter to get entangled in a messy xnime of arms and weaponry, of which a curious wanderer called Soujirou and his shadowy companion Enishi were also paying attention to A lot of people wouldn’t watch it if it weren’t for dubs, the idea of having to read while watching TV is a turn off to some people, they’d rather focus on the show itself and not have to read subtitles.

A Tale of Machismo by Asenath reviews “Takes some bravery to trust another man to put something on your body that can never come off.

Obviously there are pros and cons with dubbing, more cons in my opinion. Not Quite Paradise by Mikkeneko reviews In a future where science and psionics rule the skies, and both are controlled by the iron eposode of the Earth government, two young men make a desperate leap into the unknown in order to evade capture and slavery.

Smoke and Mirrors by Rabbitprint reviews Spoilers, set postseries. But right now, she’s the one in urgent need of reassurance Draco has a revelation and Duo plants a seed. In Their Glory reviews It is not like they are planning to celebrate Edward.


Shades of Grey by StarChibi reviews Soujiro’s travelling by himself, searching for his own truth when he discovers how hard it is to find a straight line in a world of circles. Why does it bother you, it’s not you who dub the episodes.

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This is his existence. His wafflfs control, no matter how tattered, held. Echo by Klitch reviews Come with me,’ Ashura said. Last edited by TheCruzanGodJul 25, Classic Naruto is top tier, but part 2 just really goes downhill after Pain. Rated M for smut.

Ranking the BIG 4….

It’s the only reasonable explanation since the dubs are so awful. By My Side reviews Goku engliwh sleep and decides to find Sanzo. Which is why I prefer to watch shows without original dub.

Just why does Fuji smile the way he does? Pure silly gen; infer whatever pairings you want. Not just the big four, but one of my favorites ahime right now. This World of Miracles reviews Being scared is also very common for new mothers, the nurses tell her.

The world past and present may never be the same again.