Her answer is yes. Hide-and-seek continues between them. Sahir asks Alvira to stop Arzoo. Alvira asks him to forget Arzoo. Zaki is searching Arzoo. He looked at smiling, lovingly, and even proposed her.

Alvira asks what will happen now? Sahir walks towards her, but she turns away and asks him to leave for God sake. Sahir is searching Arzoo. If not by him, then someone else. Arzoo asks is this your new game. Last updated Dec 31, Shall I tell her that her heart needs be broken more in this house.

Now he will marry Samaira and deal will be done as well.

Humsafars 29th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Both look into each others eyes. Arzoo says I will leave this house. He gets up and starts playing again. The driver of the cab looks at her. Arzoo is going somewhere in taxi in night. Blood flows from his hand. Anam says she must be partying in the club. deccember

Zaki tells that Arzoo is not picking his call. Arzoo washes her face. Like 0 Dislike 0. Arzoo cries in a shock. Sahir looks at his wound when Alvira comes in. This Video has been reported. The driver falls on Arzoo while she resists and shouts.


She asks why did you play with me.

He asks you are saying as if whatever you said was true. Hide-and-seek continues between them. Arzoo asks why do you hates me so much. Arzoo pushes him and runs. He goes from there. She is ready for the Nikah.

Humsafars 22nd December 2014 FULL EPISODE | Arzoo REJECTS Sahir’s PROPOSAL

I think she will still be with Sahir because she loves him n this will make her love him more cos now she will understand his pain he had for seven years…. Sahir interrupts, but she stops him from saying anything. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. Only to see him destroying his life? About This Video Report Video Humsafars is set against the backdrop of glamorous but ruthless fashion world. Nausheen asks Alvira did you talk to her.

Alvira comes to Kurti Appa and tells her there are other places in home to cry.


She continues, she loves him a lot. They both have argument regarding playing game with Arzoo.

Humsafars – हमसफरस – Episode 64 – 30th December 2014

Kurti Apa says mother should teach her daughter to stay in limits. Page 1 of 1. What was her fault?

He too hugs her back. Sahir forwards his hand to help, but she signs him to stop. Arzoo continues to walk on the road and is still in shock. The driver stops the car and tries to misbehave with her on the himsafars of searching tool kit. Sign in Recover your password.