I love this serial and our love birds SaAz …May Allah bless them both for their currier ahead and also to start once again hs season 2 at a suitable time and for all tvs not only for hds. Sahir says I am suffocating here. Vikram asks which game you are playing now. Arzoo comes and tells her them that she wants to tell them something important. Mahakumbh 24th February Written Episode Update. If you would have come to me, I would have definitely solved your problem. Arzoo says how can a police officer go against law.

Arzoo asks him to listen to her as someone is trapping her. He says I am really sorry. Anam says she does not need to thank her and says she has to gather some more evidence that Vikram and Zeenath were together since the begging and asks her to give file to Sahir. Zeenat asks him to leave her hand and says you did this because you love me. Alvira says it is truth, and if he sees from her perspective, she did what a mother should do. Vikram tells Sahir that he needs to question Zeenat and asks him to go. Kurti Apa slaps her.

She asks the Inspector to arrest her. Alvira asks if everything is alright. Kashish 1st Mar – Sahir says he will get evidence and walks out.

Zeenat traps him in her words. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Humsafars 27th February 2015 Full Episode | Happy Ending | Shahir and Arzoo To Re Unite

Police comes and calls for Sahir. Mahakumbh 25th February Written Episode Update. Really gona miss this serial……hope humsafars part 2 wll come soon wid sme character…. Vikram thinks it seems Zeenat have to finish her game soon.


Humsafars 27th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Vikram tells her that we have less time and have to leave from here immediately. He asks her peisode give her dupatta. He says we will leave this house.

Sahir and Arzoo look back at them for the last time and bid them bye. Arzoo gives some file to Sahir and says it is given by Anam. Anam also asks him not to leave, even Kurti Apa insists. Sahir says this is happening because of money. Kurti Apa asks the police to hkmsafars Zeenat. Page 1 of 1. Zaki comes and says he called the police. Welcome, Login to your account.

He praises Arzoo saying she applied ointment on the wounds given by her. Zeenat tries to take her in her sweet coated words saying you loves me like your daughter. She starts caressing him. Alvira says it is truth, and if he sees from her perspective, she did what a mother should do. She apologizes to him and says I know you waited for me for 7 years. Arzoo is in tears.

He says I was sure that your intentions are right. Katherina 28th Feb – 2: Zeenat gets up hearing Arzoo. Vikram comes there just then and gets shocked seeing Zeenat forcibly hugging Sahir. Sahir says today his every Arzoo has become complete.

Arzoo keeps her hand on his heart and says I love you………. Preeti 27th Feb – 9: Anam asks her not huksafars tell Sahir about her.


He takes him to room. Welcome, Login to your account. Sahir and Arzoo hug Alvira. Zaki asks her to find a girl for him. Zeenat says she loves Sahir very much and wants to give a chance to her marriage.

Everyone gather in hall. A flashback is shown again. Zeenat is very clever woman. Zeenat says, but why we shall leave.

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Alvira informs Anam and Azroo that Vikram has come and is investigating Zeenath in her room. Arzoo says how can a police officer go against law. She says Zeenath is playing with you and wants to get back to Sahir. Just hope all episodes could end as fast as humsafars n not prooolooong it!! Zeenat says sorry to Sahir.

When it is an issue of he children, she can go to any extent.

Humsafars 26th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She apologizes him and says she is repenting for her mistake. Sahir says God made Ammi so that she can take care of her kids. The episode starts with Kurti Apa apologizing to Arzoo saying she insulted her in every way.