We’re going to need a little help from our favorite comedy double act. Great, that’s all we need, another patronizing American whose only reference to the UK is Harry Potter. Since when did you become her friend instead of mine, Fabian? He then runs to find him and KT before KT becomes a sinner. Victor has been blinded by the beacon flash, though, and Sibuna only just manages to avoid him. Fabian knocks something off the shelf and the episode ends with Victor pulling the sheet off it, leaving him to find them.

Sweet is Eddie’s dad, which Joy overhears. Sibuna’s next task is a deadly Egyptian version of hopscotch. Alfie and Piper get closer, but an argument with Patricia makes Piper reconsider her future. Amber makes a copy but Fabian can’t decipher any of the symbols. Harriet and Eddie hide as the others, KT and Willow try to take the key off of her. Victor puts the fake amulet inside the dollhouse. Yes, it’s not the whole song. Meanwhile, Joy, Mara and Willow come up with a plan to get back at Jerome.

Bond, I Expect You to Dine: Jerome helps Mara with her election campaign but Mick returns and asks Mara out, much to his chagrin. Eddie continues to make sure they win the dodgeball tournament.

Patricia has bad dreams about Rufus and pictures everyone in her class with his face. Patricia’s twin, Piper, is played by Jade Ramsey’s real life twin Nikita. It’s subverted however, because Mick likes her just the way she is.

She claims to reawaiening able to sense “vibes” and, according to her, bad vibes can be removed by sprinkling citrus oil everywhereand she meditates frequently and loudly, much to her roommate Mara’s chagrin. Vera now bears the mark of Anubis and the Sibunas have all the reflectors, but they run out of time and the reflector stands disappear.


Nina successfully completes her mission, and finds another relic. As Mara gathers evidence against Vera, Sibuna episodws the web task after Fabian puts the larger spider in its place. Alfie and Jerome fall out when Jerome accidentally reveals that he is working for Rufus. Nevertheless, Patricia’s suspicions only deepen when a spooky message appears in the steam on the bathroom mirror simply saying “Help Me! When Nina leaves in season 3, Eddie takes this role.

Poppy researches her father and discovers some interesting information. Anubis split the Cup of Ankh into seven pieces and The Chosen One was born on the seventh hour of the seventh day in the seventh month. Reawakenung does this when seeing Joy’s new thw in season 3.

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Happens episoves all the pairings at some point in the show. Nina finds out that Victor has some information about the Song of Hathor. KT runs into Fabian at the school and he tells her that Frobisher is after them and that he can take her to a safe place. Also Mara and Jerome. Senkhara hunts for the Osirian, visiting both Eddie and Fabian in the night. Eddie’s prank on Mr.

It turns out the real Mask of Anubis was the thought-to-be-fake mask on display at the artifact exhibition, having been seen by all the characters but dismissed as a replica. Alfie manages to rescue the kids but accidentally smashes the dollhouse and knocks Trudy unconscious who forgets everything about Vera and the Collector. She is also somehow oblivious to the entire mystery but that’s a different story.


Eddie thinks that Patricia on purposely pressed turned the speaker on to get revenge on Eddie.

House of Anubis – S03 – E03&E04 – House of Truth & House of Hieroglyphs – video dailymotion

Nina hears Senkhara calling and follows her down to the tunnels. Also, the Cup of Ankh can only be put back together once every 25 years. What do I uouse to do to get a reaction out of— Patricia kisses him That’ll work The Anubis residents plan a feast in the cellar.

On deawakening last day of school, Mr. When she sees him, she calls him a murderer, but then has various flashbacks from the past when she used to live in the house, including one in which she and Victor had been friends.

He then runs to find him and KT before KT becomes a sinner. Since Amber left us all of her stuff, I figured Alfie’s goose is led into Mr.

Alfie and Amber steal Eddie’s camera and learn that Jerome stole the dollhouse and the two confront him. And how bout I call anuis, a cab back to the airport? Most notably when Fabian kept trying to ask Nina to the prom. On the phone Hello, is this Rufus Zeno?