Juan gets one step closer to the truth after gathering information leading him to Samuel. Juan spares Samuel and brings him to safety. Arriving at Samuel’s mansion to stay for the meantime, Belen tells Juan of her strange and threatening vibes regarding the place. Hoping to save the rest of the abductees and destroy the aswangs’ fortress, Juan and his allies prepare to go up against the remaining enemies, including Kael. Trying to find out Samuel’s activities concerning Juan, Kael secretly follows his father to an abandoned place. Sunpongco, starring Kim Chiu and Coco Martin, together with an ensemble cast. Belen, on the other hand, refuses to support Juan’s endeavor as she fears that it might put Juan’s life in jeopardy.

He consults the only person who knows more about the aswang and possibly the cross-Pepe. Believing that Juan succeeded in winning Rosario’s heart by giving her a cat, Julian is surprised when Rosario tells him that it was Kael who managed to give her the sign she prayed for. In the beginning of the present generation, a new love story awaits when Angeline, who lives a very normal life, has problems when Sally Mylene Dizon comes into the household and starts making those around her miserable. When the volcanic activities subside, the fairies and the Kapatiran thank Juan for saving the fairy world and mankind. Member feedback about Wildflower season 1: After successfully slaying a group of aswangs and escaping the attack to kill him, Juan suddenly goes missing. Cain at Abel International title: There, Juan immediately senses that something is amiss as the staff displays suspicious behavior.

Agor brings Juan to Peruja’s cave and instructs him to pin the Saragnayan stone onto the cave’s sacred boulder. After Samuel helps him escape from jail, Franco promises to help him nab the masked vigilante—dead or alive.

National TV Ratings (Nov. 22,23, and 25, 2013) – ‘Honesto’ and ‘Wansapanataym’ are Most-Watched

She was married to actor Miguel Vera, with whom she had Together with Juan and the rest of the Kapatiran members, Pepe sets up a plot to find out if the aswangs have infiltrated the police force and if Kael works for repllay aswangs. Elsewhere, Princess Mirathea finds Queen Nerea and the rest of the fairies secember from an outbreak of an unknown disease.


Kadenang Ginto topic Kadenang Ginto Lit: Meanwhile, Julian encourages Juan to fulfill his dreams once his mission as the Tagabantay is over. Kael triumphs at the news and sees Juan to spite him. Meanwhile, Laura confronts Rfplay for betraying the whole replah clan just to protect his son to Amelia. Eventually, Juan and Rosario blissfully exchange their marriage vows to each other, in front of God, their family, friends, and well-wishers. Many of the Philippines’ current artists are from Ang TV.

After he slips out of unconsciousness, they start to question Juan and convince him to join them in their fight against the aswangs. Unknown to everyone, Peruja’s spirit is not bound in the cave anymore, but has now found a temporary, mortal body to hide in.

Juan realizes the gravity of his countless past aswang killings as Tagabantay as he continues his stay in Villa Grande. Much to Samuel’s dismay, Juan has no intention of giving up his mission as the Tagabantay, especially with the public’s growing consciousness of the Kapatiran’s cause. Juan, on the other hand, finds a hard time focusing on his Tagabantay duties when he learns that the police saw him transform into an aswang. Lists of Philippine television series episodes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

An influx of mythical creatures follows, wreaking havoc upon the mortal world. List of Ipaglaban Mo!

Samuel manages to get off the hook, all thanks to Decemer complete trust in him, but he sows suspicion in Julian. Juan and Rosario also take delight in the survival of Pepe at the hands of the aswangs, unaware of the horrible transformation their enemies did unto him. However, news of the aswangs’ alarming attacks in the community requires Juan to focus on his mission as the Tagabantay.

This year isa lang ang movie na naiproduce at wala reeplay 20M ang kinita.


Be Careful With My Heart June 17, Replay Ep | Pinoy Telesine | Pinoy Tambayan

Lists of television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. With the help of Juan and the Bow of Wisdom, Tonton sacrifices his life to save the children from Kael’s aswang minions. Pepe and Agustin of the Kapatiran arrive in time to help Juan and marvel at his remarkable strength.

Kael’s becomes angry again as Samuel deliberately denies him a chance to join Samuel and Laura over dinner with Juan and his family. Member feedback about Wildflower season 2: He recognizes too late that Rosario is the target of his evil counterpart, as she is taken captive by Peruja’s orders.

Meanwhile, Belen and Julian delight over Juan’s relationship with Rosario.

Despite being wounded in a battle between the Kapatiran and an aswang, Rosario ignores the advice of her parents and continues to involve herself in the ongoing fight reeplay aswangs. Hence, Samuel expresses his desire to finance Juan’s surgery and orders Kael to find Juan’s attackers. Meanwhile, Pikoy’s desire to protect his friends from suspicious strangers leads him into the heart of the aswangs’ operations.

However, Juan and the Kapatiran join forces with the authorities in looking for the missing children and alerting the public about the aswangs’ activities. Julian, who is yet to figure out Juan’s real identity, deems it best to keep mum about his mission to defeat the aswangs. Using the Sword of Courage, Juan finally seizes the thieves he failed to catch at the convenience store.

Member feedback about Ai-Ai delas Alas: Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of anthology television series episodes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.