Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most frustratingly of all, there are kernels of great ideas here. But instead of delivering the hostages to Saul, Javadi shot them in the head — his entry into the new regime’s security services. Javadi, who knows he’s screwed, recoils faster than we’d expect for an experienced terrorist. He socks Javadi straight in the nose. For a single episode, it was a lot to pack in:

Despite a mild flirtation with El Nino’s daughter, things are looking bleak for Brody. Majid Javadi Emily Donahoe Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. It’s far too easy for Dana to trample all over her mother at this point, though we do admit getting a bit teary-eyed at their farewell. For much of the first two seasons Chris was a wimpy presence in the shadows of practically every scene in the Brodys’ kitchen; for a while there it seemed like his sole function in life was to unstack the dishwasher. We thought she was just a simple transactions specialist.

Meet the Emmy Nominees. Season 3 Episode 6. Can’t take the baby. Our personal wish, seeing as nobody asked, is for Dana’s departure from Chez Lazaro to provide the cue for her brother to step up and achieve full personhood as a character on the show.

But hope springs eternal. Why is Farrah being included in these covert operations?

They say there are no small parts, just small actors. No matter where she goes, it seems she is a prisoner to the identity her father’s apparent murderousness has foisted upon her. With Dana out of the picture, for the moment at least, this might be Chris’s turn to episove back into focus, both figuratively and literally.

It was subtle, it was sophisticated, and it hinged on a giant question: Carrie is miraculously dropped off in some sketchy woody area apparently close by her house, and she calls Saul to inform him that Javadi would only agree to meet her later.

Javadi, who knows he’s screwed, recoils faster than we’d expect for an experienced terrorist. Fara Sherazi Shaun Toub Saul, who endures his own family drama after Mira admits she has fallen for that French hottie she met in Mumbai, has an amazing knack for acting out ex post facto. She reveals her and Saul’s operation to snag Javadi was hatched on “twelve thirteen” — the day after the Langley attack.


Dar Adal Mandy Patinkin It’s a fantastic and somehow deeply satisfying end to the episode, and even though Javadi lacks the nuance, as a character, of Brody he’s simply and straightforwardly eviland the show seems to have resolved, for now, into a more conventional srries than it was over its first two seasons, it will still be interesting to see how Saul, Carrie and Quinn handle their new detainee next week.

Hand this man’s nostrils an Emmy.

Essentially the whole flowery backstory serves to inform us that Javadi’s capturing is more than Saul doing his day job, but a legitimation of his work at the CIA for the past three decades. Nicholas Brody credit only Rupert Friend But what they don’t add is that there are many blurry homelans. You ARE the father!

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When Mira begged Saul to show some emotion and anger after he told her he didn’t have ownership over her, Saul declines. Jessica is relieved when Dana, who claims the Brody burden is unbearable, adopts her maiden name, but the faithless daughter leaves home to move in with another dubious new friend, Angela.

Edit Did You Know? She leaves shortly thereafter with a friend, telling Jessica that she needs to move out of the house because her life as a Brody begins and ends in their house.

There was that one where Saul squinted off into the distance, practising his ventriloquy for about 45 minutes. Peter Quinn Morena Baccarin Javadi had agreed to help Saul smuggle four hostages in Iran to America in Maywhen Iran was in “full revolutionary crisis mode. Majid Javadi Emily Donahoe Chris Brody Morgan Saylor Mira Berenson Tracy Letts Order by newest oldest recommendations. Adal ambles through the exchange with an air of equivocal malleability, vaguely sceptical and vaguely conspiratorial at the same time, and the ambiguity of his characterization is an example of what “Homeland” as a show does best — taking superficially innocuous scenes in this case, the camera lingers on Adal as he pours Lockhart a cup of coffee and planting seeds of doubts in the viewers’ minds as to the exact intentions of the actors in them.


Finally, can Carrie and Quinn make out already? There was that entire stretch where Carrie did nothing but endlessly fret about childcare. Finally in this episode Homeland is returning to why I started watching it.

Homeland Season 3 Episode 6 4od

He still manages to dispose of his ex first. When will Dana’s misery ever end? And there was Dana, the useless teen who bobbed about from disaster to disaster for no reason whatsoever. Where Saul’s unfinished business has to do with meeting Javadi face to face, Javadi’s unfinished business was making sure his ex-wife paid for escaping him back in Under the false impression that Peter Quinn and the CIA are surrounding the house, she goes a step further: Brody is dead, thank goodness, and the show has reverted back to being a serious look at how the war on terror affects one potentially unstable intelligence operative.

Carrie’s pregnancy highlights the main theme of this mostly excellent episode, which was family, and the ownership we have over each other as family members. Drama Television US television features. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.