As you may have guessed, this week’s show culminates with the first side of a classic Firesign Theatre album making its Stuck in the Psychedelic Era debut. Loren and Eddie enjoy their alone time at the bungalow, and enjoy each other’s company. Jukebox Rhythm Review, Pt. Otis Redding is a special breed and one of our foremost classical voices. Max’s private investigator snaps a picture of Chloe and Tyler kissing, proving an affair behind Eddie’s back. Chloe sets up a meeting not knowing that Eddie is heading out of town then is unsuccessful in finding out where.

Accidental, it seemed, from the first licks in a Boston studio, in the crisis year of Listen to it here:. Lily interrogates Tyler about Chloe. Tharpe, who was born Rosetta Nubin, was popular immediately after her first Decca Recordings in He was an innovative lightning rod for musicians from all genres — particularly the brightest young players. Chloe goes to the club to watch Eddie’s performance. Nora and Max have lunch at his club. Loren and Eddie hang out and Eddie saying that he is ready to start dating again.

Traci and Kelly clash about Jake. Chloe shows up at Eddies’s apartment, desperate to make amends and date him again.

Ellie threatens Don to give her the money, so Don goes to Colorado to sell the drugs. The Second of two one-hour documentaries on The Byrds, covering to Chloe finally gets what she wants. Behind Sarah Vaughn’s striking voice, and unique musicianship, laid a heart and soul that continue to move people all over the world.

In this retrospective we will look at music from 8 of his albums, showing how his music mixes emotion and faith to bring an added complexity that most folk-era musicians never achieve.


From On the Strip Radio Network Meanwhile, Don and Nora cut their trip short when they hear about the break-in at the clinic.

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Eddie stops for gas at a gas station and runs across a fan who compliments his car and asks for an autograph. Max and Tyler discover Chloe after she fell off Max’s terrace and have her transported to the hospital. Max plays some songs for Nora but then afterward they hookup.

Traci tells Jake that she is pregnant, but she is still not sure about her relationship with Jake. Eddie wants to meet up with Lily at Rumor because they can talk about the death of Katy Duran and who killed her. The album is Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Eddie finds out Chloe committed a crime. Max urges Loren to put her worry for Eddie aside and enjoy her big moment. It ran from October 14, until June 7,hillywood continued on television as Lux Video Theatre until While few would consider it one of the Beatles’ best, there are still some undeniable classics, good rockers and some clues to the dissolution of the most famous band in music history.

After an unexpected meet-up with Eddie, Loren makes a huge decision about her future, a decision Nora ultimately supports.

Loren senses Eddie at her concert and makes a quick change to her set list. Vietnam was the first war fought to a soundtrack, with over war-related songs written and recorded between Episodes [ edit ] No.


It’s hard to believe that was 50 years ago.

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This episode features a look back at many of the international artists who won or were nominated at this year’s Grammy Awards, as well as one song from the wonderful soundtrack of the Oscar nominated film ‘Roma. Loren plans to play a new song at the memorial concert; Adriana is in denial about Don’s accident; Phil and Ray head off to do their new gig, but he is stuck when he has to comfort Adriana; Ellie is still convinced that Don tried to murder her; Eddie’s stubbornness increases when he asks Lia to send a message to Loren.

Eddie encourages Chloe to reconcile with Jackie; Eddie and Chloe meet with a movie producer.

DeMilleDramaAdventuresss,hollyowod,,,,, OTRR – On to Atlantic Records. When the actors were not available, others stepped in.

He is also the sound of that vulnerable Black Mother and the Motherless Child. The police want to know, if he is able to identify anything. Playing The Sound of Resistance: Max and Eddie clash regarding Chloe’s lies. The Sound of Resistance: Toe tapping music from hillbilly, western swing, Mexican conjunto and contemporary, rhythm and blues, and good ole rock and roll.