Vince from Shamwow chapter 3. It was then, on the day of the heir of the main house-hold turned three that the curse mark was put on me and I was made a bird in a cage, by my own uncle. Macattack, I suggest you change the Spoiler threat for the next episode talkback. Don’t have an account? Lonely Red Head, Revived Snake That’s touching; you’re going to make me cry.

The Abandoned Horses Battle I’m tired from using too much chakra. This episode is considered to be one of the finest from an animation standpoint in Naruto Shippuden, as well as one of the series’ greatest episodes period. Shippuden Talkback Thread Opening 7: Wake me when you really need me. Taisune-Sensei instructed me, to give you a fight to remember Planning ahead, Mei’s heart

First is a young Hinata seeing young Naruto screaming out his Hokage ambitions to spite the ostracizing crowds. A new team dawns Hinata is more useless than Sakura. It doesn’t give you the right to decide who’s a failure. Fluffy appears Hey, this was the song joke. It’s your destiny to lose to me and that’s it.

Susanno vs Bjuu the plan revealed Akatsuki vs Snake, the furious grandma They went too far, when they murdered my father. He didn’t fight at all in Part II after the first arc.

Naruto Question: Hinata Hyuuga 8 trigrams 32 palms?

Magik Feb 16, Replies: Jinata lost memories, the perverted Hyuga There is a post-credit scene of Hinata entering the Academy, watching Naruto and making a failed attempt to meet him. He gets punched down, but gets back up to make a poor Clone jitsu.

That’s Neji’s special defense. I epizode should applaud him for that smokescreen, it really did help” the dog boy growled from the stands “But sadly, I don’t have time for gloating” he surged forward once again, preparing for a gentle fist attack.


DataOmake 3 Bloopers Her genetic lineage hasn’t changed. Aurora bright preliminary matches Putting his head band back on, Neji glared at me.

I have no idea. Finals Lee vs Fu Is that the best you can do? Well I got news for you Neji; you’re not the only special one around here. Fukasaku then attempts to trap Pain in a Genjutsu, but is killed.

Naruto Mysterious Power Chapter Finals Hinata vs Neji, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Hinata’s best showing in the anime, no contest. Weak Catterpillar, Great Mothra PaulRap Raptor chapter 3.

But that’s got nothing to do pamls destiny, if you think I’m buying that you’re wrong. I forgot what an annoying bastard he is at first. Genjutsu is creating illusions to affect the victim’s nervous system, making them see, feel, and hear things that aren’t real. He started to walk away but I got up and said.

And next to uinata was his other daughter, and probably more likely to run the clan, Hanabi, who took more after him then Hinata, who more or less looked like her mother, his deceased wife. After episide years of war the peace agreement had at last been reached with the land of lightning and they had sent the head cloud ninja to sign the treaty and join in the celebration.

Real hardcore gamers hate everything. Now I know what year it is. Watch as he jinata to act like his twelve year old self. And now for credits from individual animators.


Please tell me what you think! Author Note 2 Dear god, Tsunade’s strength with Jyuken Okay, interuptions over Konoha stadium The next match was about to commence, a match that had generated quite a hubb ub, at least in a certain clan.

Naruto Chapter 1: Return, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Only fools waste their time trying to become something they can never be. What’s that name of episoee dude wearing sunglasses in the black bakground I see in a lot of people’s profile pic i see on YouTube for example? Taisune’s plans, unvielved, his sorrow Making one of them turn into a fly to go hide on Jiji to help him when the snake attacks him, I sit down.

The Hyuga clan, because this was the day on which the heir to the main house-hold frigrams to turn three. Zombies and Kages While my father, his twin brother, is banished to a life of the lesser branch of the family. Kekkei Genkai One O One Can’t I advertise good music here!

Tobi; His story, as well as the story of Fluffy, Taisune, his wife, the Uchiha and the Uchiha’s consort will be explained at episodw later point.

But I also have to act the way I did when I was twelve.