I use it only when my patients suffer enormously. What have I been watching? BBCode “Yes, I have been deprived of emotion. The pirates risk their life and live extraordinary adventures! Do not threaten me! It will not be necessary! I will have finished in 2 days. Otherwise, can’t say it touched me or did anything for me.

Only large like that! For example, you have some meat. Eh well, you do not seem to be well. What he believed cured him was the serene vision of a grove of cherry trees. That wants to say that any person in this world can be cured! Do you like movies? You want to be my companion?

I won’t lie, I cried like a bitch. Good luck, my friend! Whoever did it, botched the job.

One Piece Episode 86 Discussion

As if you could kill somebody with this anesthetic gun. What he believed cured him was the serene vision of a grove of cherry trees. He accepted care of the largest doctors of the country, but none could cure it. I thought that if I had spoken, you would have rejected me. It is a gift. Hunting for the doctors touches at his end.

On the sea or elsewhere, I don’t care! Previous Episode Next Episode. This collection of anime quotes represents just how vast the world of anime is! Pirates will feast on the meat, but the hero will distribute it among the people! Best episode on the whole show. Chopper, take the sea one of these days. This arc was so sad. Filled up rage after having realized that it was going to die, the man passed by chance in front of a mountain.


This country is sick. It does not matter what people say in connection with me, I will save this country, because I am a doctor! If I do not stop the hemorrhage quickly, you will die! You will be a pirate! And I would surely if my mother hadn’t been with me.

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Your veath extends well beyond this sea! Your wounds all are cured, Chopper. Madam, this roast is filled with proteins, that will give him forces! He says this to him: This episode made me cry. I do not want to be a pirate!

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It is brilliant to be a pirate! And well better than you. Be rather gifted for you! Never no cherry tree will flower here.

This is my third time watching this arc, re-watching all of One Piece again for the heck of it, and it still leaves the same impact as it did the first time I saw it. However, unlike Kureha, Hiluluk ended up doing more damage than good to his patients by accident. Click here and find out on my viewing blog, “Vigorous Viewing”. Obviously he thought he’ll subjugate everyone by force and will live like some thick forever.


It is without hope. I want to eat the meat! Sadly, unknown to the reindeer, the mushroom turned out be poisonous; but Hiluluk, who did know this, took it anyway because he was so moved by Chopper’s concern from him.

Amazing episode this and the few before it have been heartbreakingly sad.

The patient always should be observed attentively to give him the good drug. And I do not need companion! Would I have used the bad ingredients? I however thought that my Kaeru X would have functioned.

Do the pirates live really adventures? More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Details Featured Pictures Clubs. Chopper, we are similar! I held as much as I could but. Hiluluk realized that his life would soon end and so, too, would his country if nothing was done about Wapol. Aaand I ended up crying like a little girl once again. I biluluk not have nowhere where to go!

Do you like movies?