Elsewhere, Tomoko discovers that the locker that was destroyed was a fake and that the real gateway was in Mr. With Yuki reading it to the others, each member is touched by Kengo’s feelings and gratitude for what they have done for him and he tells them not to hate Gamou and instead stop him and show him the error of his ways. Episode 48 Part 1: The Horoscopes reveals himself to be Yamada while telling them that he will not tolerate them ruining the stability of “his kingdom”. As the mysterious Kamen Rider deals with the Libra Zodiarts, Tomoko and JK arrive on the scene to reveal the Pen Switch’s ability to turn its drawings into physical objects. The teacher is shocked by this revelation as Haru arrives to use his Zodiarts Switch in its Last One mode with the intent to hurt Mr. Meanwhile, Gentaro has arrived at the karaoke box where JK is holding his party.

Elsewhere, after reporting to Tachibana about Kijima calling him out while asking if the new form of Kamen Rider Meteor is ready, Ryusei finds that the Cancer Zodiarts is stealing students’ life-force and placing them in comas as part of his sick game to pick a potential Switcher from someone who can make him laugh. Managing to fight off his Cycnus side’s temptation with the intent to hand the Zodiarts Switch over as it assumed Last One state, Eguchi wins Gentaro’s friendship. After the Cancer Zodiarts explains he is here for revenge, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight him yet is outmatched due to his opponent’s hard armor that not even Magnet States has an effect. Kamen Rider Fourze Quiz 1 Part 1: Episode 24 Part 1: Hayami proceeds to reveal to the Kamen Rider Club how Gamou has arranged all of this so he can see the Presenter while destroying the city in the process. However, the Taurus Zodiarts reveals that the contracts he had Gentaro and JK sign makes him able to manipulate the signers’ movement.

Kamen Rider Fourze assumes Elek States to counter the Zodiarts, but the two are equally matched until the Perseus Zodiarts decides to retreat. As the girls argue, Kengo leaves Gentaro hensbin clean up the mess he has made. They reveal that they will be attending nearby colleges, and they will be able to continue their Kamen Rider Club activities.

Shizuko Daisuke: Kamen Rider Fourze [Download with English Subtitles]

Ohsugi, Yuki tries to convince him that the locker belonged to Ms. Like this page pleases! Canceling his transformation, Gentaro asks Ran if the Zodiarts is actually Haru before she flips him over onto the ground as she runs off in a huff when he offers to help.


Though Kamen Rider Fourze tries to rjder him that he will keep the monster from him, an upset Miura runs off, again. Before Kamen Rider Fourze can confront the Lunar Witches, Kengo arrives to reveal that the witches’ magic was no more than episoe powers of a Zodiarts, as the Zodiarts arrives and attacks Kamen Rider Fourze.

Later, Gentaro finds himself with Mei and the few Subaruboshi students left awake as he vows to save them from Yamada. They are soon greeted by astronaut Chinatsu Hyuga who tells them they are to be split into groups and to spend 72 hours in an Isolation Chamber for a Productivity Test where they needed to make ten thousand paper cranes.


Astro Switch Secret Report http: Later, while trying to cheer Shun up, Gentaro finds Ritsuko Usaka, Tamae Sakuma, and Jin Nomoto all being harassed by the school newspaper club’s reporter Yayoi Tokuda about their Zodiarts alter egos running amok, again, much to his amusement.

Sonoda vows to become worthy of the stars once more. After learning what has actually happened, and winning her friendship, Gentaro arrives to Mr. JK leads the group to Teruhiko, revealing that while he is a model student, he leads a double life as the kind of “bad boy” that Mr.

Ryusei as Kamen Rider Meteor. By then, Gentaro gets a call about the monster’s location at the campus stadium.

However, Ryusei becomes Kamen Rider Meteor and fights the Cancer Zodiarts throughout the vacant school, with the Horoscopes’ blabbering getting on Ryusei’s nerves. Azusa Seta over her inability to speak the language fluently. Finding the ruckus, Gentaro feveg Hayami transform into the Libra Zodiarts, who soon tells the boy to help him protect Ran as he proceeds to fight the Leo Zodiarts.

Kengo arrives to even the odds foirze an exo-suit called the Powerdizer, and Yuki identifies the monster as the Orion Zodiarts. Episode 8 Part 1: Ryusei once more tells Kijima there will be no partnership between them, before attempting to transform into Kamen Rider Meteor once more. This only makes Mr. Episode 30 Part 1: Once the Leo Zodiarts takes his leave upon defeating them, the Kamen Riders cancel their transformations as Kengo notices the destroyed altar and realizes the Libra Zodiarts’ agenda.

Managing to fight off his Cycnus side’s temptation with the intent to hand the Zodiarts Switch over as it assumed Last One state, Eguchi wins Gentaro’s friendship. After Kengo returns to the classroom, Shun asks Mr.

I do not own this videos. As the competition begins, the emcee calls on Miu to take the stage, but Tamae says that she has run away, and she will be a better queen than she was by not thinking highly of herself and leaving when things get out of hand.


As Ryusei learns from Yuki that the student he replaced is named Tatsumori Yamada, Kengo finishes completing the Cosmic Switch with Kamen Rider Fourze unable to use it, though the item is completely functional. Seeing no other choice, Gentaro and Erin assume their fighting forms to settle things in a one-on-one duel.

Kamen Rider Meteor arrives soon after to fight the Musca Zodiarts and keep him from running away before deeming the Zodiarts to be of no real importance.

Henshin Fever!: Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 30 [

After learning that Ryusei’s school is in trouble, Gentaro has Mr. Please report at http: No sooner does she leave, Gamou decides to give her a Zodiarts Switch after Hayami uses his Eye of Laplace on her, again, to confirm that she has the potential.

However, fourzze two discover that they were followed by Gentaro who episoce the Fourze Driver, instead, while elsewhere the Orion Zodiarts resumes his attack on the school.

Chuta Ohsugi’s geography class starts, JK barges into the classroom and invites Gentaro to his JK Night party, but Gentaro turns down the invitation as he does not think he and JK should be friends yet.

His attention is then directed to Gentaro being carried by Kengo and Shun, with Gentaro being fine as Kengo explains that his reluctance to turn Gentaro to irder made the effect only temporary. Thanking him, Tomoko learns that even though his friend Rokuro Utahoshi died on the moon, he eoisode still collecting moon related items.

She demands to know if she is really his friend, just as he forgets something important to her. The gang arrive to the abandoned classroom to find that the locker is gone.

On the day of the concert, after having a horrible nightmare, JK gets second thoughts on the live performance before Goto convinces him to go through with it. Episoce finds Fourze in her classroom to guide her, with Gentaro transforming into Kamen Rider Forze because he is forced to take the Switch off her person.

Gentaro tries to apologize, but Kengo didn’t forgive him as he decides to give his advice to Rumi instead. Taking Kzmen body to the Rabbit Hatch, the gang are shocked to find Ryusei entering their headquarters.