Hi, I also ever had same problem. You can counteract this somewhat and make sure the difference is as small as possible by selecting a high quality preset of the output file, or a target size of around the same or slightly larger than the original. Hi Bil, sometimes VirtualDub is easy to get error. But should commentary on few common things, The website style is great, the articles is truly nice: July 12, 9: I burn by using freemake video converter. By the way, its Meon-ah, not Meon.

Can you help solve my problem? If you downloaded the subtitles from the net, you can, of course, adjust these values. Can you clarify me that. October 13, ValerioAndrade 4 years ago. I could finally put my Spanish subtitles into an English movie. Hello there and thank you so much for your tutorial!

The harecode files will become one file. These subtitle editors will let you either shift all subtitles in a file by your desired number of milliseconds, or change the times for specific lines.

Why, yes, Avidemux and VirtualDub let you do all of those with certain filters. Both of them are same. August 21, 5: In the file dialog there are two options that need setting; Character set can be used if you are trying to embed non English characters such as Chinese or Russian etc.


March 24, But not all MP4 videos have subtitles of course. April 5, 9: March 5, 3: Rolf von Menden 5 years ago. Roost 11 years ago.

Scroll down for the next article. February 7, 1: Somehow it works for me. My Chinese subtitles are finally hardcoded successfully to my AVI file! User 3 years ago.

Irineo Romero 5 months ago. December 18, 6: Hello there and thank you so much for your tutorial! Anybody can easily create subtitle files for free, all you need is Windows Notepad. August 12, 2: Ifi I may know, what video converter program do you use? August 21, 8: Hi, sorry for the late subbtitles.

4 Ways To Add and Burn Subtitles to AVI Permanently

Setelah di-dub, yg keluar malah tulisan dan tanda baca aneh. For a simple SRT subtitle file, all you need is three lines, a subtitle number, b time to display on the screen, and c text to display.

Try to resize the video, anything. I have some hrdcode You can join both of them into a video. HAL 6 years ago. They all provide subtitles with times that generally match the movies’ dialogue in their original length. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


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Nowadays, if you own any sort of portable device, be it an Android smartphone, an MP3 player subyitles Touch or some gaming device like the PSP, you will certainly need your videos to be in MP4 format. I tried those steps and it works fine: So if you have the subtitle file and the video file.

Avidemux not only supports MP4 but it also is capable of embedding subtitles so perhaps you can save yourself loads of video-converting steps though you might still benefit from using dedicated converters for iPhone, PSP, etc. Notify me of new posts via email. Then run the program. Download Any Video Converter Free and install it, watch for the adware.