Takehito Koyasu steals a show again. Just as the gang is about to attack her, Li-Ren, who Kajika has the utmost faith in, appears and protects her. After they left, there’s a suspenseful moment. The sisters shriek and leave, telling Kajika that she would regret it. I’m glad Lumati and Najayra were there with him before he died. When Eugene confronts Quinza about this Quinza tells him that he was going to be detained at the Palace for a while, just to make Kajika worried. Back in Raginei, both Harry Burnsworth and Rumaty have a good chat.

While at Izmal’s manson, Eugene is summoned by Najayra, who, apart from being part of royalty, also possesses authority as a shaman. The police Quinza sent arrive at the hideout. This episodes starts out with a letter addressed to Kajika’s Japanese school friend Yui. He decides to grant an interview in Singapore. Eugene’s letter reaches Kajika through the American Embassy and Toranosuke. Kajika and Rumati both take a stroll and Rumati asks Kajika to leave him alone.

Mahaty and Kathleen were cornered however, Mahaty was able to subdue the pursuers using his word as King. Archived copy as title Articles containing Japanese-language text Wikipedia articles in need of updating from July All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Articles seeishounen Japanese-language episodd links.

Carl tells Lee-leng of how Harry Burnsworth came to him almost a year ago and said “If you want her, you can have her. He knows about Kwinza. Najayra invites Kajika to her mansion. Kajika and Haga Toranosuke go to Li-Ren’s party and meet several people.

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Kajika, Goslen and Lee-leng escape the hideout using an underground maze. Li-Ren arrives and takes Kajika home. Epixode using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carl thanks Kajika, as it was the second time she had saved him. As he is rejoicing his freedom, Rumaty is discovered by the people hired by Raginei. While Yui is being flown to New York, Eugene is away in Austria as it is the anniversary of his mother’s death.

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When Eugene confronts Quinza about this Quinza tells him that he was going to be episodde at the Palace for a while, just to make Kajika worried.


In the present, Kajika visits Fred. The unhappy yet childish side of Lee-leng surfaced when he silently said to himself that he had a helicopter too.

Having made up her peisode Kajika says farewell to Rumaty and vows that she will see Raginei with her own eyes. When Kajika arrives at the Raginei Airport, she accidentally sees Carl and asks him if she could come along in search for Eugene.

Sry Quinza, no sympathy for you. LOL, okay, so that would be hilarious. Due to the dangerous nature of his banasakeru he is introduced as Rumanty Ivan a visiting friend from Singapore. Carl ends up finding out about Kajika’s lineage from his father but his father wants nothing but to get revenge on the Burnsworths. Eugene is shocked when Quinza tells him that Najayra was betrothed to Somand and was supposed to become Queen.

While in Singapore Lee-leng meets with Carl, where he reveals who the Rosenthal group intends to support. Ah, another one who doesn’t like her. He’s referring to the ornament. Burnsworth is informed on the phone by Lee-Leng that the next day Hanasakerru would be epsode to Singapore to visit Rumaty. I’m glad Lumati and Najayra were there with him before he died.

Kajika tells Lee-leng that she wants to go to Raginei but he becomes worried about Kajika and refuses. Meanwhile, Rumati returns to America and stays in Kajika’s mansion for one week. So did Somand abdicate or was he never really epsiode king at all?

He heard that the previous king had cancer, and some people planned to kill him peacely Anrakushiso that they can control the country seishounenn easily. Lee-leng points a gun at Zao stating that both of them should wait whilst the Elders decide what to do with Lee-leng but as Zao was to command his personally hired bodyguards to his aid, Lieutenant Noei, sent by Rumaty to help Kajika, appears together with his comrades to save Lee-leng from being held captive in his mansion in Singapore.

Suddenly, Quinza appears in front of Epissode to check if Rumaty was not injured by the previous kidnapping incident. They hide out in his father’s secondary residence and end up talking for quite a while.


As such, Kajika and the others wait on standby in another room as Eugene’s birthday party commences. Takehito Koyasu steals a hanasaksru again.

Later on, Kajika and Lee-leng are portrayed to be living blissfully in each other’s embrace in Gibori. Kajika must figure out who they are hajasakeru where they are without any information to go on except that they all possess an irresistible brilliance and charm.

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Quinza finds out from Carl’s elder sister about Kajika’s lineage and decides sekshounen she must be killed to protect Rumaty. They go into a bar where she introduces Mahaty to Fred Burnsworth, Kajika’s grandfather. Li Ren epidode as he thought, he’s alive. Lee-leng was able to rescue Noei with the help of the priest though on the way to meeting up with Kajika, they come face to face with the guards.

Then Li Ren called Kajika so that she stopped her thought and visited Lumati.

Lumati approved him of dying as a permission to dying honorablyKwinza is shocked. Kwinza only had one wish. I’m still holding out for a CarlxNajayra ending, though.

Lee-leng follows Kajika all by himself. A great deal of damage was done to the Huang family’s property but Noei told Hanaaakeru to send the invoices to Rosenthal Corp as Carl Rosenthal had offered episkde pay for the losses. Eugene attends King Somand’s tea party and meets Najayra hanasakfru, who offers to grant him an audience with King Somand.

He falls to the ground, grabbing at his throat while the sisters taunt him. Then the final greeting. When others wanted to ran to him, Najayra stopped them. Will he leave it for his brother to rule?