But Korean remakes always tend to overdo the romance at the expense of other things. Sigh I did love ep SHINee has also gained another fangirl due to this drama. Your comment makes me squee with happiness. Mizuki notes that he might not be as bad as he seemed. My heart will forever bleed for them and for their learned insecurity and inferiority; those arrows point to the writing. Yoon Jin puts Min Young on the phone hello.

Quan carries her to the infirmary and realizes that Rui Xi is in fact a girl! Pointless, skipped every scene whenever the manager came up. Heavy, emotional, but I enjoyed it. Sano agrees and Mizuki gets up to tell Nakatsu what Kitahama had said. Wasn’t it another diary? To the Beautiful You Favorite. It drove me crazy, and I skipped chunks of every episode, and even some episodes entirely. He finds a mess of junk food wrappers and empty soju bottles.

When she goes kumi rebuttle, Nakatsu tells her not to worry about it. Maybe expensive in real life. I feel so bad for Eungyul, I just think that things are left unfinished for him.

He immediately takes the guitar from the two students and throws it out the window, yelling that if they had time to play guitar, they should study instead.

Am I writing about Sulli’s height fitting to Minho’s hugging? Where Mizuki went and 2. Taiwa overhears and reminds the boy that he slept through most of their study session.

It could have been so good, if only the writing had made sense. Rei Xie’s older half brother. Sano says no but Nakatsu tells him it’s too late and pulls his friend into a big embrace.

Hana Kimi Ep 9 Complete Synopsis + Impression

Mei Tian, being gay, detects that Rui Xi is a girl. Episodes by odilettante.

Hyun-jae takes a moment to reassure Tae-joon that the rookie jumper is no match against him. The teacher has another flashback, this time showing a little bit more than it did before. Although Fahrenheit and S. He is more in the background and couldn’t figure why he’s the lead actor. Why dont they make it such that they keep in touch but not meet or see each other during that one year gap.


Anyway, even l’m disappointed but l never skipped any single ep. His epiphany is met by another Umeda butt-grab. Anyway, lately I’ve been watching Majo Saiban, a jap drama which I will probably do a review on in good time Most characters in the series have names which are close approximations of the Chinese transliterations of the names found in the original manga.

Sekime is also very cute. None that were interesting. Not one to be left out, Tae-joon tags along. The outstanding and intriguing characters: Nakatsu said that he’s thinking too much. He even announced to the whole school that he is, in fact, gay. The reporter went to find Mizuki instead, and asked her to help her take photos of Sano.

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Cannot beat the years of him and Sulli haha! Life is so easy without a job. It’s finally the night of the live concert and Sawatari announces Dorm 2 as the next act. As he watches, Kitahama tells Umeda that he was wrong and that he should have been trying to get them to smile like that from the start.

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe – Wikipedia

I like how the characters all give off the same feelings. He walks over to the shower where Mizuki is still revelling the fact that Sano called her by her hxna name. Speaking as someone who only watched the taiwanese version of hana kimi, I definitely enjoyed this version more could also he due to bad memory The calibre of the acting here was a lot better!


Okay so after 16 episodes, I finally fell in love with Lee Hyun Woo’s character.

She too knows Rei Xie’s secret, and helps to offer a girl’s perspective on the situation. Posted in Hana Kimi 15 Comments. Nakatsu can’t put his emotions to words, only being able to let out a “you guys But enough seriouness, he closes with a big “Not!

There has to be some lightness to help us bear the pain, Show!! The story does not run smoothly, it reccap here and there, too many lacks that l eh!!.

The Dramatards

Nakatsu asks him what he’s doing and reminds him that the exams start the next day. And here they threw in a bunch of guys I haven’t even seen before where is Kwang Hee?

Silly Nakatsu and his magical ruler! Nakatsu waited impatiently till there was some light before gathering the rest and going off to find Mizuki. I’ve heard of Majo Saiban, but need to look up what’s about or who’s acting in there.

I just want to wrap these boys up and put them in my pocket and feed them candy and throw confetti and glitter all around.

May 1, at 3: When Oscar insists that they are all serious, Kitahama stands up and tells them that he’s not wrong. She looks TOO much like a guy. And props to you for your incredible patience with this show.