High to Low Avg. The layout of their house does not further the story. If she had a good editor, a good pages could have been cut from this garbage. Third time’s the charm and all that. Where was the scene that showed the effort of hiding their wings and glow and powers? His body was perfectly proportioned and each muscle looked as if it had been sculpted out of the purest marble. The recent bunch of popular ones, anyway. Maybe the author thinks that god is white

Age of Extinction Online Download Transformers: Lists with This Book. Ivy, despite outranking Gabriel several times over in angel lore, is reduced to playing second fiddle. View all 30 comments. My GOD, how could anyone possibly finish this piece of crap? Yeah, I kind of hate this chick. Open Preview See a Problem?

And it sucks, yeah, and it’s horrible and tragic, of course, but it’s not something that requires an angelic intervention!

Similar authors to follow

After all, she wrote this when she was seventeen? Oh, right, the beautiful cover that’s wasted on this book. HardcoverFirst Editionpages. Also, he calls her ‘babe’. So are we saying here that even if you are an angel, immortal and powerful, that you still need a guy to watch after you? Set in a allexandra world which has been ravaged by war, it follows two people: And the love story, let’s adorneetto about that for a moment. For example, both race and crosses in class and tradition could have been explored if a little more thought had been put into it.

The brutal thing about this book is that it was almost a cool idea, and if it had been executed better it could have been awesome. His last name is Thorn, he has a serpent tattoo, he likes alexxndra, and he dresses in black. Paramount Pictures Release Date: The second problem is that this book seems bent on breaking every single writing rule there is out there. What if Bethany had been entered into a war zone where she had to save the people from constant threats of violence while gradually being drawn to a young soldier on the opposing side?


At one point he literally picks up her fork and flies food into her mouth like an indulgent parent. Of course, a high school! Reading this book was like watching Sinbad or Atlantis or any other one of those rubbish Disney movies that wanted to be like their original Princess classics but also new and fresh and imaginative.

Messages like the ones in this book will make them A. All I can say is that there alexanra an attempt and even that became washed out because of the love that Xavier and Bethany supposedly shared. That was from a Twilight fanfic.

Halo (Halo, #1) by Alexandra Adornetto

Doesn’t she have angel duties to attend to? Not all people in this world who are right and just are white people.

Because Bethany is just so precious and godly and a Mary Sue. I honestly don’t think it’s that hard to come up with a movue angelic name than that, anything than that.

Feb 17, Kiki rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Meaning that folk out there have been taught to wish for a submissive role in a relationship with a prince who will not only sweep them off their feet, but take them home after the party, cut off their landline connection and create a press frenzy. I know I went off on a huge tangent there but this idea that sex de-moralises women goes hand in hand with the Twilight-style love story, where teen marriage is the solution and feminism is a dirty F word.


Bethany neither considers what she does beforehand, nor is she willing to face the music when the time comes. I only had a vague understanding of how to build worlds and create characters, I over-utilise There was a time in my life when I was super impressed with authors like Christopher Paolini got published at a young age.

Why did I torture myself with this.

It’s only in the last pages or so that something actually happens, and all your action that was missing so badly in the beginning and middle pops up. Answers on a postcard, please.

Wanting to do that and just wanting to touch, smell, hear, see, taste the other person constantly is not love. It makes up for much smoother reading. If I met her, I’d slap the shit out of her.