But Chizuru seems to get worse. He also stands by and waits with Harada. She’s a nondescript character because she’s the person you play in a reverse harem so it gives her the flexibility to be the chosen romantic hero’s love interest, no matter who you chose. He smiles and puts the phone down. How unladylike is that? Kazama glares out at the exit through where the ronin escaped.

Amagiri bows in greeting, while Shiranui shields his eyes from the glare. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hahaha I think so! A gangster comes in from the outside and closes the warehouse door behind her. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If you don’t he’ll hang up. Before he can retort, Heisuke joins them. Kaoru gets distracted by a student trying to run past.

I just thought in the future she could be less demure, more vocal and outgoing and modern so we could understand why this girl would join a school full of guys.

Hakuouki SSL live-drama ep 1 [Raw]

That got dark fast Please let me know if dama of the links have issues and also please note that these are RAWs. Some viewers may not be happy with the ending, but think of this – I feel you need to be a complete person and happy with who you are yourself before you can successfully share your life with another person. From here on, please continue to look after me. How unladylike dgama that?


January 30, at 9: As for some Korean reverse harem dramas, yes, they exist. Back in the faculty office, Nakagura strikes up conversation. February 24 at 1: It isn’t like you. I guess this is the way media is and will stay for awhile till something changes. Newer Post Older Post Home. Similarly, the recent Attack on Titan live action received mixed reviews from the western community, while Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo dorama was labeled as corny and overreacted by the same audience, at least compared to the anime.

Even with the disbelief in regard to this storyline I still loved binge watching this Drama – some may find it slow but I savoured every minute and the side romances and characters rounded it out realistically for me and kept the story progressing over the years.

He turns to Kazama’s group. I have been chopping and changing around about 6 Dramas lately – for one reason or another nothing held my interest or there was too much angst for me to binge watch those that I started. She steps outside and speaks to him but she can’t seem to meet his gaze.

Kero’s Tea Room: Hakuouki SSL (Sweet School Life) TV Drama – Final Episode

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And I hakuuoki many others do too! In the Student Council room, Shiranui is doing paper work whil Kazama paces the room and Amagiri stands by. He smiles and puts the phone down. Sannan shows the bottle to Itou and Itou nearly trips as he distances himself. But Saito is there to defend her and whacks him painfully in the arm.


Aside from all the repetitive clips, I thought this drama was hakuokui entertaining. But maybe we’re not supposed to think too much about how this wouldn’t work in RL.

She’s sweet and cute and stuff, she’s smart and she’s brave so I guess she’s got all the episodd heroine characteristics. February 17 at 2: Lemme give you a hug for saying that!

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In the game, it was Chizuru dramma did that for Hijikata when he was recovering from his battle wounds Hijikata pauses and watches him go. Chizuru watches her friends and her teachers fighting fiercely and bows her head, overcome by her emotions. The good is that Todou has it subbed in Chinese yay. Recent Post by Page.

But the storyline is straightforward enough and the reverse harem characters are total bishounen.