For instance, a saying which speaks of the hand or foot or head has been placed under ‘ The Body and its Members ‘ ; one referring to fever under ‘ Dieease. Sahaayatea vhave tsakara pana murkhstsa hou naye dhani Be tervant to a wite man but do not he matter to afoul. Id reality she gave her husband common fare and prepared Bomething nice for herself, which she kept concealed in the fire-place till he was out of sight. Poeta noscitor non fit. Owing to their quarrelsome characters one fire-place each is not enough. But that day a prince came there hunting, and when he saw iuch a beautiful girl, ha asked who she was, and could hardly believe that tiie old man was her husband. One who ia wiser than we expected. One necpssarily goes with the other.

The truth is quickly extracted by a beating. She antweri ‘ LUe the houtehold. At Paithan there is an annual fair in honour of the poet Eknath. These afe equal in badness. Applied to a person who makes some fooUeh excuse. No one will covet these. It should not be seen ataU.

An industrioas man runs some risk. Smule Are you still there?

The man’s two wives take turns in cooking. Without going to the pereon who has authority over you, you will not repent. Daughters are less acceptable than eons. Also a similar proverb, Dadaci kkoda vakinUa mahlta My brother’s bad habit is known to my brother’s wife. It must be disposed of quickly. A rich father will leave his ehildren provided for ; bat a poor child will have no one to care for him if his mother die.


This belief arose probably from the rustling noise which the leaves make in the wind. Bigaritse ghode va taravadatsa phoka A hired horse and a Taravad brand.

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Insteat] of the usual refrain, they chanted the words — ‘ Oo on saying it, old lady I ‘ Her cries were not heard, and the thieves succeeded in getting through the gates as for a funeral. The two last words may be ddtakhiti khdifa gets lock-jawor, data na datlhd has neither teeth nor grinders. It will spare them a beating. The first word may be garvdtte of pride.

Ubhe kusala va adave musala Spear-graga directly into you, a pestle acrota you. Applied when a thing has come to perfection, e.

Hia head almost touches the sky.

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To ohtain much in retnm for little. Slow to work, eager for food. The first word may be bhikfdpati a beggar. It is nstial to bathe outside the movje. They are hard and brittle. Uttama feti pana dhani asava kbeti Farming it the best occupation, hut the farmer himself must le in the field. The first words may be komhadUa bole What is said to the fowls. The figure of a chili which when red ia ripe. Why trouble abont so trivial a matter? The first is very anperstildons, the second over-eats, the third site over hia fire till he becomes hilioos.

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Or Bometimes eimply Sindkiiita bihdu A drop in the ocean. It was full of holes. The word means ‘ a woman whose fanHl and is living ‘ as opposed to a ‘ widow ‘ who may not share in festivities which are held lafu various times.


It is implied that one onable to earn a living may go there to become a mendicant. The grip of both is tenacions.

The classification of proverbs has always been a diffi- culty. In these small streams there is much refuse hot the; become sacred on reaching the sacred river.

People believe that after the bear growls at them it becomes deaf, and that only by shouting out before it can do so is majjya a chance of frightening it away. It is planted by the water-channel in the field of sugar-cane and grows up at the same time. Onmer-of-nothing is best of all.

Battermilk is never heated. The two are wives of one toan. Sometimes ‘hand’ is qnoted instiead of ‘lap.

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Applied to a person who makes some fooUeh excuse. It ifl labbed on the bride’s body before the wedding. In this waj he thinks the cnree will have no eflect. PoharyaFa tearhata bolavana The rope wettt as a parting gift with the bucket!

Sarp ia derived from scrip, to creep ; English, ‘ serpent. Opposite of our ‘ Laugh and grow fat. Who cares how mncb be bests a hired horse?