This book will make you stop and think. Groups who have traditionally been limited in what they can say and think would like to return the favor. The subject is definitely one that arouses strong emotions in many people and also a desire for accuracy, but the book is a novel, it doesn’t have to follow the same standards as history. Its simple, yet beautiful and absolutely effective, writing will make it easier for younger people to understand. We played for a while, and it was wonderful. While I enjoyed the book a lot more I think the ending of the movie was more painful to watc When I was in middle school a classmate talked to us about The Boy in the Striped Pajamas , then I remember watching the movie a couple times ever since. Is it still an important story? Lists with This Book.

My heart was breaking throughout this entire book. He is told that on no account must h A heart-breaking and tragic historical fiction set during World War II. He is told that on no account must he go near the fence that separates his families garden from the dusty, baron land where the pyjama’d people live. Reading other people’s reviews, the book seems to polarise people to give This is a small, engrossing fable of a time of death of the body and destruction of the soul. View all 5 comments. Blech acknowledges the objection that a ” fable ” need not be factually accurate; he counters that the book trivializes the conditions in and around the death camps and perpetuates the “myth that those [

I loved this book so much and it affected me so much. I was not expecting the turn the story took and was shocked when I reached the end.

Every morning, I would wake pyjakasen from the best of dreams: One day, Bruno decides to explore the strange wire fence. They’re taught, reinforced, and supported by the main influences in children’s lives. Rabbi Benjamin Blech offered a historical criticism, contending that the premise of the book and subsequent film — that there could be a child of Shmuel’s age in Auschwitz — was impossible, writing of the book: E quelle mani allacciate The two topics overlap assuming The Boy in the Striped Pajamas gets assigned to young pyjqmasen.


Gutten i den stripete pyjamasen

But neither was the outside specialist, and in her letter I could see her twisting words to justify her conclusion, which, stripere, swayed the education writer. Want to Read saving….

I was close to two of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers, because they lived near my mother, brother, stepfather and I. I don’t know exactly what went down since I wasn’t there. I’m glad I finally read it. I was in the airport, waiting for my pujamasen when I decided to enter to the bookstore. The conclusion feels rushed and unfinished, and some of Dn own observations are greatly exaggerated, even for a nine year old.

Gutten i den stripete Pyjamasen by Julie Føre Karlsen on Prezi

Some of guyten boys were employed by the Nazis as camp messengers, dden others were simply kept around as mascots and curiosities. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. If you don’t like it, do it better. This is a small, engrossing fable of a time of death of the body and destruction of the soul.

Det er krig i Europa, og stedet de kommer til kaller han Alt-Trist. While this book isn’t historically accurate deen some of the conditions of the camp as pointed out by critics, the argument could be made that Boyne isn’t trying to be accurate but introduce a generation of younger readers to the blind ignorance of a collection of people, organisations, governments, and countries through an unfortunately horrific prominent event in Western psyche.

Actually seeing it was worse in the movie in terms of heartbreak and devastation.

Unnecessary details are pared away so that the friendship and interaction between the two boys stands out. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I was able to visit the Dachau concentration camp as a little girl. In this case, power sfripete more clearly the issue rather than free speechwith the grandmother challenging societal authority as vested in the role of teacher.

Gutten i den stripete pyjamasen by John Boyne (4 star ratings)

The author did a great job using a child’s point of view. Without friends or much to do besides his studies and books, Bruno befriends Shmuel, a young Polish boy of Jewish descent who lives on the other side of the fence. The reasons Bruno was mad, afraid or worried seemed truly from a nine-year-old. So I wanted to find out what she meant.


My heart was breaking throughout this entire book. Once at the new house Bruno quickly decides they were much better off living in Berlin – in Berlin they didn’t have large groups of people in striped pyjamas spoiling their views from the window.

Therefore, when I etripete the audiobook I was listening to it before I could stop myself. Originally reviewed on March 28, After the umpteenth time of being confronted with the controversy over this book primarily through one review and associated comments I let myself provoked into reading it.

En far Janne Teller: View all 30 comments. But don’t children often have a tendency to disobey their parents demands?

Plainly and sometimes archly written, it stays just ahead of its readers before delivering its killer punch in the final pages. Retrieved February 11, And we are asking them to do so from a vulnerable position: Bruno stripwte Shmuel talk and become very good friends, syripete Bruno still does not understand very much about Shmuel and his side of the fence.

Here’s pyajmasen link to an article containing further links, the first to an article about the situation that appeared in the local paper, and the third to a further article that includes a comment by me, writing as “JaninAtlanta,” although what I’ve written here today represents my latest thinking: He’s touched or captured something; the book is a phenom, and attacks are publicity. It does of course deal with a very painful and shocking part of our history and there are criticisms about some alterations to the true facts.

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