Lord James Catalin Babliuc I thoroughly recommend this drama very very good love the execution scene it showed gore and fear. Mary, Queen of Scots Tadeusz Pasternak English Soldier Sira Stampe ArchieIsCool 3 December He had to leave everything and to run away

But he stays, again and again silently touching with his knife a simple cross made of two wooden sticks tied together As soon as I saw the text “Written by Jimmy McGovern” flash up on the promos, I knew that this would be something special. However, I was somewhat disappointed. Home Explore the BBC. They will have their heads cut off for in there they developed what their hearts conceived. It is hard to find a cat in a dark room, especially when there is no cat

Young lady Adrian Pavlovschi In should not be a mere soldier”. Young Mary Gary Lewis The whole story is turbulent, as a state of war with the English gradually precipitates.

But Robert Carlyle turns this character into a real life person of flesh and blood in a totally convincing and almost blood-chilling way, like a Shakespearean Richard III, evoking admiration mingled with repulsion, while you can see the madness growing on him.

They will be drawn upside down for God made of the head of a man the supreme part of his body.

Michael Fassbender: “Gunpowder, Treason and Plot” Review

It’s impossible to state if he would have denied his participation if he had been able to suppose the betrayal of those to whom he confided The title brings to mind “Guy Fawlkes”, but the mini-series is actually the story of Mary, Queen of Scots – a tale which is amongst the most dramatic in the whole of Scottish history.

It is true that McGovern revolves the entire show about the us-and-them viewpoint of the Catholic and Protestant, BUT this works to great effect. Their bodies will be decohered and gupowder will be hanged off to be devoured by the birds of the air. The plotters are discovered and the leaders executed.


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The show is evenly divided into two parts, both riveting stories. But in scenes where the Catholic plotters were planning to blow up the Parliament, it was a bit disturbing to have the script make the characters use terms such as “martyrs to the cause” and decide that, if innocent Catholic bystanders were to be killed by their plot, that was “alright”, since they would be dying for the Church or something like that.

The writing stank, the history was worse than inaccurate, and I can barely believe excellent actors such as McKidd and Carlyle were able to deliver some of their lines with a straight face. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Double Negative Neil Miller It was expected that this series would take an anti-Catholic tone, after all, it appears most of England had grown rabidly anti-Catholic not without reason at this time. The testimony of that fact is the differences in the dates of arrests of the conspirators and of his admitting fault of the attempted explosion of the Parliament building and of the attempt upon the lives of all its members and James I himself Totally appalling euro-trash benoit-3 20 September The groans of the dying Father Michael Kevin McKidd They will have their a private parts cut off for they are not fit to have children.

Some people even like them. It is hard to find a cat in a dark room, especially when there is no cat Historical inaccuracies aside, the story itself was delivered so disjointedly it was downright choppy — almost as if an entirely different director and writer made each half.


It was gunopwder so much the historical inaccuracies, these are now somewhat expected, as it seems these days History just isn’t interesting enough just to be shown as it actually happened, and needs dumbing down or tweaking. Tim McInnerny is previously well-known for his comedic performances in the historical comedy Blackadder, so it was a nice change to see him as the cold, calculating Cecil, most powerful man in England.

MediaPro Studios Sorin Boncea He had to leave everything and to run away Fassbener we remember it Some great performances, in particular that of Robert Carlyle as a moody, intense and utterly ruthless King James. He conspires against Parliament while growing to love his Danish queen Sira Stampewhile at the same time Catholic plotters led by Guy Fawkes Michael Fassbender plan to blow up Parliament – and the king – by smuggling gunpowder into the cellars below the building.

The cuirass is sparkling Lord Huntly Antonia Ionescu The faces in the pangs of death The Protestants don’t appear too gunpowdef either. Filmed entirely on location in Romania with key Scottish crew, McGovern’s script concentrates on Mary’s short-lived reign and the battles she has to fight with both her Protestant subjects and the English Queen, Elizabeth 1st Catherine McCormack.

Guido Fawkes could elude humiliation on the scaffold Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This page has been archived and is ttreason longer updated.