While her grandfather approves of her choice, others in the family want her to become the next boss. In the end, Yuta can live with Kawashima. Her parents died when she was at the age of seven, and her grandfather had no other descendants, so Kumiko is next in line to head the family business with the title of Ojou. Shin and Kuma see Kumiko get into a car with two people who are part of the Ooedo clan. Then some people from the Ooedo group come and help. Turns out that the student was a victim of bullying and could not bare to return to school. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Especially since Kudo is on the loose again.

Trouble arises, however, when Ogata, Kazama and the others unwittingly piss off Goda Ryuuji, an Akadou alumnus with a notorious reputation, who retaliates by vandalizing the school the night before the festival. Kumiko decides to have the school become number one in boxing. Later on, while Kuma is taking a stroll, he bumps into a student from a prestigious high school who was shoplifting. With only a few months left before graduation, Yankumi strives to reunite everyone and restore 3-D’s friendship. After Odagiri apologized to Ara High before class 3-D fights with them, Odagiri has been deemed a traitor. Amidst the “Springtime Eliminate Delinquency Campaign” organized by Sawatari, Kazama faces the possibility of expulsion for deliberately hitting a police officer, causing him to have a falling out with his sister. The Endless Odyssey — Trava: Then some people from the Ooedo group come and help.

Shin-san ga Gakkou wo Yameru! Views Read Edit View history. The board of directors decides to close down Shirokin Gakuen but Kumiko won’t allow them. The Fafnir Knight This enrages her parents, and they file a complaint to Sawatari, prohibiting Kuraki from ever seeing Saki again.

Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. This section does not cite any sources. She finds the people selling them gokuzen is overpowered when Shin is taken hostage.

Because she can’t cancel the training camp, Yankumi invites Yuta over for the night and in the morning, until Kawashima came back, Yankumi has Yuta over to her classroom. Then, Reita, a leader figure of 3D, shows up and beats up the hoodlums, yelling “Keep your hands off my friends.

However, the englis didn’t go smoothly because of Kurosaki. The class goes on a field trip but things go bad when Uchi is kidnapped. In other projects Wikiquote. At first they resist but after some convincing they decide to go help. Manga series manga Japanese television dramas based on manga Japanese television films anime television series Japanese films Japanese television series debuts Japanese television series gkousen Comedy anime and manga Japanese goiusen television series Josei manga Madhouse company Gokussen franchises Martial arts anime and manga Manga adapted into films Nippon TV dramas School life in anime and manga Yakuza in anime and manga.


Shin found out and tried to help her sister escape, but after police officers came and Shin was determined to make sure his sister wasn’t caught, Shin was the one who got arrested.

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One day, the students of 3D get harassed by street hoodlums. Please help improve this article engliish adding citations to reliable sources. Legend of the Crystals Phantom Quest Corp. With determination, Yankumi does everything to persuade the student to take part in the competition.

Amidst the “Springtime Eliminate Delinquency Campaign” organized by Sawatari, Kazama faces the possibility of expulsion for deliberately hitting a police officer, causing him to have a falling out with his sister. However, things get out of hand when the reporters realize where Yankumi lives.

Champion Road Nasu: Aru Wake Nedaro, Nanmon! Cover art epieode Volume 1 of the anime series. Nippon TV began airing a second season on January 15,with several returning cast members including Yukie Nakama. It turns out that they saved the wrong Uchi but luckily they find the Uchi they gkousen been looking for.

She visits Akadou Academy, and chastises Kazama upon finding out that he has a part-time job, which is prohibited in school. However, a former homeroom teacher of Tsuchiya catches him anome the teacher automatically animd and accuses Tsuchiya of forcing the girl to hang out with him.

Will the 3-D graduate? While an excited Yankumi prepares for the baby’s birth, one of her students, Kamiya Shunsuke, finds himself frustrated when he gets beaten up by an Ara High bully in front of his girlfriend.

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. Shin and Ogkusen see Kumiko get into a car with two people who are part of the Ooedo clan. Boogiepop Phantom Carried by the Wind: However, her lifelong dream has been to become a teacher.

Wounded Man gokusej Phoenix: Retrieved from ” https: A thief has been going around stealing purses from women and the Head Teacher has been accusing Uchiyama of the crime.


After the vice principal discovers Kumiko’s background, she resigns as a teacher. After learning that a student, Odagiri Ryuu, hasn’t been coming to school, Yankumi investigates and tries to persuade Odagiri to come back. Little did they know that Yuta didn’t inform his grandparents, whom Sub lives with, that he’s visiting Kawashima and that Yuta isn’t actually related to Kawashima by blood. When he collapses from over-fatigue, class 3-D fears that Honjo will have to drop out, so they decide to raise money to help him out by trying out different jobs.

When the Head Teacher’s wife sets up an omiai for Yankumi, Yankumi reluctantly goes, knowing abime she only has eyes for Shinohara the detective, whose sister is getting married. Upset Kumiko tries to find him with the other former 3D students. The Ooedo Family cast members remain the same throughout all three seasons of Gokusen. Rise of Technovore Avengers Confidential: Shin Hannin wa Dare? Turns out that the students and Yankumi went to the same onsen.

The school has a festival and Kumiko’s class is having a anije club but things don’t go well as everyone leaves to go fight the seniors except for Shin. Odagiri’s father found out that Odagiri has been going to school while he was away and Odagiri’s father will have none of this rebellion. The cheery atmosphere in their family greatly contrasts Ogata’s — his father, a strict teacher from the elite Anims School, is very disappointed with Ogata’s status as an Akadou delinquent, and blames his irresponsibility for his parent’s divorce!

Yankumi, Kawashima and Shizuka also go on a trip. Kuma falls for the act but Shin finds out anome truth but promises to keep it a secret.

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Yukie Nakama reprises her role as Yankumi, Katsuhisa Namase as Sawatari, and the rest of the cast that makes up Yankumi’s Yakuza family returns as well. However, it was all a misunderstanding as the class rub finds out from Takeda, a students who Odagiri helped out. Jingi-naki Gakuin Tousou Boppatsu!