One plays a major role in the episode “Another Way”. Compare to the robotic version, the Cyber Cyclops , and Eyepatch of Power. I Love the New Millennium: Earth Eternal has Cyclopes as a playable race. Examples include Satori, Garin, Uyu, and Goomi. The title character is a school doctor with a single large red eye.

There’s also the arimaspi, a race of one-eyed humans and the archenemies of griffins. They also created the Solar and Lunar bows and arrows of Apollo and Artemis. The Wind Waker , is a gigantic arthropod typically depicted with a single yellow eye. In Theros, a plane heavily based off of Classical Mythology , cyclopes are animalistic, aggressive brutes who live in the wilderness and attack anyone they come across. The New Adventures of Old Christine: It’s possible to breed a Cyclops Dragon.

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Late game dungeons heavily imply they are an artificial creation of Aldia. The Fimir are one-eyed, skull-faced amphibious creatures whose superior perception of the Winds of Magic allows them to roll six dice to channel instead of one, although they’re too greedy to share the power dice produced by this channelling, and the Beastmen creature known as a Cygor — essentially a hybrid of a cyclops, a minotaur, and a giant — has a degree of magical perception that it uses to find, kill, and usually eat enemy spellcasters.

When Aubrey visits Kayakos mother, she grabs Aubreys wrist, and there is a sudden flashback to her earlier days as an exorcist.

One plays a major role in the episode “Another Way”. You can Google it, but the pics can be rather squickyso be warned. This frequently applies with animals as well, most prominently Jimmy’s dog Cerbee. The Blue Monk is a large cyclops with a big head. Cyclops is a common genus of copepods tiny crustaceans that range from 0.


He’s revived by the Necromancer as part of the final Boss Rush. Blood and Guts with Scott Ian: The Beast Legion has Gorgorath. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: As such, many human villains have one eye as an indication of their simplistic worldview.

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Space Harrier had one-eyed woolly mammoths. Rise of the Yokai Clan: The Italian film Maciste nella terra dei ciclopialso known as Atlas in the Land of the Cyclopeshas one.

Mulvernt is a massive, smelly, silly one-eyed titan prone to Toilet Humour. He was originally a Quake II skin. Examples include Satori, Garin, Uyu, and Goomi. The actress who plays Amy in this episode, Sara Rue, was part of the cast of the movie.

Asteroid Annie and the Aliens: The Gogomanyv Wakeris a gigantic arthropod typically depicted with a single yellow eye. Basilisk, in his second incarnation, is a mutant with an abnormally large physique, no hair and a single eye in the middle of his forehead from which he can shoot paralyzing Eye Beams.

Eyemore from “Manchurian Charley”, who can hypnotize uorror with his one, massive eye. In the Genesis version, the “Magma Ocean Planet” stage has a gigantic cyclops lava monster in the background. Skyward Sword has the bosses Tentalus, Scaldera and Bilocyte.


Most one-eyed creatures have the ability to perceive the Winds of Magic. Momentd Godzilla Power Hour: There are quite a few cyclopes in the setting’s various worlds. Films — Live Action.

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The Gazer race are CuteMonsterGirls with a single red and yellow eye in the middle of their faces Ravnica’s cyclopes are momenrs, towering brutes often employed by Red-aligned guilds. Stinkeye from Orcs Must Die: A few of the Gogos have one eye.

Dark Arisen introduced the “Gorecyclops”, which are darker, evil versions of the normal cyclops. Cyclops from this ad for Skittles. He attempts to suck out Supergirl’s powers and life essence and transfer them to Nightflame. They don’t feel pain, and are capable of razing villages on their own. Fasir is eventually revealed to be one. She or he, with that body suit on it’s impossible to tell was also spotted at the Tokyo Design Festa of the same year, always clad in the latest Harajuku fashion.

Boozle is a webcomic centered around a grumpy gnome wizard and a large female cyclops named Bitsy.