Esse tiall , the o ept of the i a oppositio is e ge de ed the Western propensity to organize everything into a hierarchical structure; terms and concepts are related to positives or negatives, with no apparent latitude for deviation: Hall sa s people ho a e i a a sig ifi a tl different from the majority — the athe tha us – are frequently exposed to this binary form of representation. A villainy and moral impropriety — the anti-Lulu sentiments saw Lulu with a corrupt ele e t hi h is i o igi le. The ei te p etatio of Lulu a d Ka u a as symbols was invoked by the context of the latte s death. To realize the objects of my study I had to become both an active member of the Facebook community during the time posting comments and visual images, and facilitator of textual and photo-elicitation11 discussions, through which I as a le to gai a ess to people s ie poi t ega di g the tragic incident and also through my opening of various peoples walls and status posts. First published 15 February Lulu assuming a less powerful status, while Ka u a s status is heighte ed. The death of Kanumba made a quick spread because he was a star actor commanding a huge fandom.

The use of Intersectionality approach in discussing social, cultural and political issues, not only facilitates the deconstruction of the signs and images and language e use to o u i ate ith to the ulti ate ea i g of the ep ese tatio , ut does also stop privileging one meanings of the representation over the others that are equally potential. Pictures of him in action, getting and award, or simply show the executive image of his being; This was in keeping with the view of him being a hero, a legend. It could also provide more comprehensive answers to research questions, going beyond the li itatio s of a si gle app oa h. Maisha ili kupa dada uka anza vizuri,sasa kwaku taka mingi yamekukuta iii. Its central premise is that the use of quantitative and qualitative approaches in combination provides a better understanding of research problems than either approach alone. Her given name is Elizabeth, but acquired the new name, Lulu, along the way. Reductive qualifiers —these are words and phrases uses to reduce Lulu Physically and morally to a state of nothingness, a being of no value. Wenden 40 asserts that representation is site of power politics with dominance of meaning accorded to the encoder or the decoder.

A villainy and moral impropriety — the anti-Lulu sentiments kovie Lulu with a corrupt ele e t hi h is i o igi le. A few facebook members who attempted to question the discordant romantic relationship were seen as lacking empathy, morality for attempted vilification of the dead, Kanumba; they also invoked religious precepts and African cultural values which object people who are dead. This was the nature of the spread and contents of the images and commentaries following the death of Kanumba, majority community members worked hard to communicate information which demonstrated that they grieved together with the rest and wanted Lulu 21 The qualitative nature of the images and that tanzwnia the commentaries is very important in making physiological arousal to the required levels possible.


As indicated elsewhere tahzania this essay that use of visual images was one of the strategies used by facebook community to impose meanings and edu e Lulu to a egati e s ol a d Ka u a s public image positively enhanced.

The visual and textual fale of both Kanumba and Lulu displayed two extremes of fans relationship with the two, with obvious vilification of Lulu on the one side, and exoneration and empathy towards Kanumba.

The photo-elicitation commentaries smil discussions were very useful in studying how the facebook community were able to construct own meaning of the events and re-construct the public identities of both Ka u a a d Lulu i the o te ts of the fo e s death, a d these i di idual interpretations reverberated across the facebook pages.

Thus the relationship between Lulu and Kanumba was of smie powerful and the precious, the dominated.

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The facebook community discourse on Lulu and Kanumba was conducted through visual and mental juxtaposition of two culturally contradictory extremes as represented in the figure above. One of the two photographs of Lulu was not there before when I photographed the page a few days earlier, now tagged to the page carrying textual posts vilifying her. The third strategy that helped to create oppositional relationship between Kanumba and Lulu was a careful choice of Lulu which has now been assigned new import, a a f o the ute ei g that she was in the same images.

Its central premise is that the use of quantitative and qualitative approaches in combination provides a better understanding of research problems than either approach alone.

Enter yanzania email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Mixed methods research is a research design with philosophical assumptions as well as methods of inquiry.

One of the definitions of mixed research methods goes thus: Citi g MurdockMarkstedt identify a double meaning of the idea of representation; firstly, the rhetorical and ideological process of how something is described and how something appears and, secondly, the concrete action of representing someone by speaking on behalf of a person or a group. The creation of these binary of oppositions is discussed in the next sub- section.

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Using Anoomi you can discover new bands, create auto playlists and radio stations for any band, singer or song and share them across social networks. Large selection of online radio stations and daily. As traditional with critical discourse analyses or researches the belief is that the post-Kanumba death discourse was ideologi all e odied a d i he e tl pa t of a d i flue ed so ial st u glk e a Dijk, 3, and largely demonstrated the reproduction of the existing dominant gender relations influenced by patriarchal hegemony.

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Irene Mwamfupe, April 8th, Similar language used to prevent negative commentaries against Kanumba has been catalogued by the researcher; Kiswahili English sa a i au a hata kwa yule It the death is painful even for one who hates ambaye anamchukia kilio hiki him kimegusa Kukufuru Blasphemous used to prevent those who wanted to astigate Ka u a s o al sta di g Marehemu hatetwi We do not gossip against the dead R.


That aesthetically it is the daily experiences which guide the recreation of meaning as in the case of visual depiction of Lulu and Kanumba. A d Ka u a has been elevated into a hero, a film industry Icon, and all wishing peace in his eternal life.

Reductive qualifiers —these are words and phrases uses to reduce Lulu Physically and morally to a state of nothingness, a being of no value. The facebook community strategies to estrange Lulu from themselves and from Kanumba adopted the following two mutually related strategies; i Visual images juxtapositioning 1 — the first sub-strategy of this is using computer manipulation to conjoin photographs of Lulu and Kanumba.

I smile at the mayor. An indication of a successful socialization that celeberates the patriarchy. Death does usually possess high valence because of sense of sadness and grief and loss it invokes. The i to of a li e of discourse is determined by the valence, the amount of activation or mobilization around it, or the by the conventional approach in interpreting symbols which is strong in our unconscious and says Thieme says, e thi k e e seei g out the e hat is eall i side us.

Hall 25, using Roland Barthes conception of representation says all fo s of ep ese tatio e od a th – the underlying message — the sub-text. The se o d isual st ateg used as e dmile ship – which involved presenting photog aphs hi h o l p oje ted Ka u a s positi e side. Volosinov, as quoted by Dick Hebidge 27 say thus of ideology; A sign does not simply exist as part of reality — it reflects and refracts another reality.

The use of positi e o l fakke leaded to the thinning of discourse themes, crowding out all other possibilities of interpretation of the visual texts. Hall is emphatic that myths surrounding visual images ide o the ste eot pe ehi le, aki g possi le the su je t s t a sfo atio of ide tit a d diffe e eand, he says, it is the diffe e e hi h gi es i th to the p o ess of othe i g.

When you maintain a facebook page you are able to; create your profile and choose to make details accessible or not accessible to all or some; create or join of Lulu two of which had a boy child of about three years with her, no picture of Kanumba, with no followersLizy Elizabeth Michael it had no pictures, but had 2, followers, and shows she was a student at St.

This research does not employ this approaches, rather, it employs mixed research theoretical perspectives. Lulu as a sign has layers of meaning that characterise the bearer.