If you like Gaye Bykers On Acid, you may also like: The album was accompanied by a minute film, also titled Drill Your Own Hole and made with the help of Lowry who designed the cover. On February 22nd it was announced that Gaye Bykers on Acid would be reforming for a final performance at Indie Daze in October GBOA , the psychedelic electro punk pop ‘grebo’ combo from LA, the Leicester Area, unleashed their unique style of music onto the scene between They also played gigs dressed in women’s clothing under the name ‘Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds’, supporting themselves, and thus getting paid twice. Stewed to the Gills We have this new song called, ‘Fairway to Heaven,’ it’s all about golf.

Guinness World Records Limited. Purchasable with gift card. Featuring the ancient to future sounds of Afrikan Sciences. Rock , psychedelic rock , hip hop , grebo. Tony and Kev collaborated in to form ‘Steroid’, releasing one just CD album entitled ‘Jism Harvester’ on Clay Records, a crazy industrial mish mash of samples and guitar riffs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vegas,Parthenon of professionalism, temple of talent, alter of entertainment….

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Gaye Bykers On Acid – That Elusive Movie (In Full). – Mini-seals of approval

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If all the world’s a stage then the Bykers have fallen through the trapdoor, or rather a washing machine tardis, that launches them into another dimension, a videodromesque reality where the battle is on to gain enough points to succeed the corporate game. The publicity surrounding the band won them a contract with major label Virgin Recordsfor movid they immediately began work on their debut album Drill Your Own Hole.


Here is a collection of every track they have ever recorded, including a few live performances and previously unreleased tracks. It’s a story that takes them from the rain-slicked streets of ‘Anytown’,UK, to the trackless wastes of less-desireable deserts.

The meaning of pogonophobia? The group often included samples from other artists or films in their music, usually from cult films such as Repo ManTaxi Driver or Dune. Just press the next button to Pt. We had the money at the time so we decided to go for it. We sorted it out with them.

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We all bring different influences into the band, this is why its so difficult to work sometimes. But there comes a point where the record company wants you to do something and see some return, I mean, let’s be honest, they want to see us do well.

This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat World War 7 Blues Drill Your Own Hole The meaning of life? They were later joined by guitarist and art student Tony Horsfall and drummer Kevin Hyde.

After Suck There’s Blow Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 22, Since we never toured here before, we figure we’ll go across the board and hit a point on what we’ve done so far. Gaye Bikers on Acid”. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?


Gaye Bykers On Acid – That Elusive Movie (In Full).

The album was a mild commercial success, spending one week at number 95 in the UK Albums Chart in November Two compilation albums were subsequently released on the Receiver record label, From the Tomb of the Near Legendary… and Gaye Bykers on Acid It was at this time that Rocket Mmovie joined the band as DJ, sample player and dance advisor. American bhkers seem to like it because the album is more popular here than it was in England.

But is that so damned bad either? Or browse results titled:.

If you like Gaye Bykers On Acid, you may also like: They seem to have thrived on never taking anything particularly seriously — as you might have guessed by their band name and their fake band name. According to the Leicester Mercury”the film, if anything, was even more mystifying” than the unusual vinyl edition of the album.

They later released both thrash punk and dance music albums under various aliases. Retrieved 11 April