It’s actually a really dark and impressive scene, starting with your average magical space soccer match I may mock it, but it’s actually pretty fun to watch , before the ball suddenly freezes and shatters. Mei was in possession of the ball but passed it to Rocket when she almost got tackled by a Cyclop. The Snow Kids started roaring and Tia had to wipe away some tears of laughter when D’Jok began to chase Yuki through the whole room and Micro-Ice went after his roommate to keep him from killing his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Dame Simbai can’t seem to find a cure for it… During the Glowing Coral Festival on the beach, the pirates tail Vega, who boards a mini-submarine. After fighting in the previous episode, Aarch forgives Artegor and puts friendship first. Sonny invades Technoid and reveals the truth about Harris. Sinedd drives in to attack Paradisia’s goal and gets fouled, giving the Snow kids a free kick. Not if Artegor Nexus has anything to say about it.

Not if Artegor Nexus has anything to say about it. The next match, in which the Snow Kids will be playing the Lightnings, is extremely important, as the Lightnings are the favorites to win the Cup! You should have seen him in his first match against the Wambas! Tia goes to the clinic to see Rocket, but when she arrives she discovers that he has already gone to the beach with…Lun-Zia! In the universe of Galactik Football , the inhabited worlds of the Zaelion Galaxy compete in Galactik Football, a sport analogous to football, but played seven to a side. Apparently, he didn’t exactly appreciate it when, after the apocalypse tore off his leg, Aarch just left him to fend for himself, while he went to play space soccer on another planet. Because they think that the breath of Akillian may have been connected to the near-apocalypse on that planet, they’re not exactly fond of it suddenly returning out of nowhere with Tia.

Though, it does look oddly similar to some of the biotics effects from mass effect. Magical space soccer, a proud asari tradition.

Arch nodded and sent Micro-Ice, who was pulling faces, a destructive glaze. Clamp manages to find out what the strange element is in Mice delight and uses it to finalize the anti-multi-flux. A strange energy with their screams is shown taken into space, leaving a major cliff hanger for the series finale. Ah well, all is fair in love, war and space soccer.


D’Jok is the most troubled of all; if the Snow Kids win the final, his father Sonny will die! Could that really be Rocket? The Snow Kids play the Rykers in the quarterfinals match, but Rocket has not come back and Tia is with the pirates!

I guess it could work with water polo though. While Clamp is being kidnapped by Technoid robots, Sonny escapes through the ventilation duct and winds up face to face with… Micro-Ice!

Rocket comes in for an exhausted Thran. They have no chance of winning the match against the Technoid team. D’Jok decides to pass the ball to his teammates instead of hogging the ball in the second half, and Paradisia gets the tying goal within the final minute of regulation.

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And, for a series that appears to have an animation budget of three cents and a piece of lint per episode, it actually looks suitably impressive. With the Snowkids having secured a place in the league, it’s time for the drawing of the preliminary rounds.

However, when Sonny recognizes Clamp’s logo, he orders his men to retreat. Meanwhile, Micro-Ice is living the life of a Pirate!. They are led by Sonny Blackbones, who despite the name is more of a ninja than a pirate. Everyone turned to Tia, who was also watching Rocket with a sad expression on her face. As such, you’re making me feel very uncomfortable. Yuki re-injures herself, and the Shadows walk away with a 3: The Snow Kids have qualified for the semi-final, and the real Clamp is back!

On the pitch at Genesis, the Shadows suddenly lose their flux, the Smog!!

The skill of their opponents actually goes down the more the snowkids develop. Tia evens the score galatik 2, and a free penalty kick to rocket results into a trick pass to mark who gives the Snow Kids the 3: For them — especially for D’Jok — there was nothing better than taking center stage.

Thanking his teammate by tipping his fingers against his temple the younger player began dribbling up to the opponents’ goal. They quickly made arrangements to meet in an about ten minutes at a small cafe near the hotel that he and the Snow kids were staying out. Tia also seems to come from a different series, though her transition is slightly smoother.


Each had a red square sewed on the back with a white shimmering dragon on it. However, D’jok manages to send him a semi-secret message during a television interview, and that convinces Micro-Ice to come back.

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Afterwards Clamp contacts Sonny and reveals the news that Harris is after the Cup because it controls all the flux in the universe. Ahito is Thran’s brother, and he galactio narcoleptic. Thran decides to stowaway on Sonny’s ship to find Harvey, but the sneaky reporter follows him. The team is taught what it truly means to be one as they as stuck together as pairs of two and forced volce run as one.

They all turned to look at Tia and Rocket, who were both standing next to each other but their seemed to be a tense air between them. D’jok, portrayed by a bad voice actor, tries to get a reading out of his soothsayer space gipsy stepmother, portrayed by a terrible voice actor, but she refuses to read his future because of reasons the show doesn’t tell us.

Until D’jok and Micro-Ice somehow managed to slipped of their shoes and chuck it at them. With a slight nod the Snow Kids’ coach gave the floor to the medic. Clamp would have to fix them if he had time.

Let’s just switch to Snowkids, even though they won’t name themselves that for a while is having a friendly match with the Wambas later on, he’s going to use that opportunity to cripple Tia.

I know you want to test whether or not your boyfriend is only attracted to Aarch or if he has some interest in girls too, but please do that in private.