Their armed forces had saved their tanks and airplane fuel for the invasion, and had planned a variety of anti-ship suicide missions. Anyone who looks a bit into this know USSR, with the help of USA and not the other way around had already won over Germany and Japan was negotiating among their leaders the best way to give up the war while it’s true that some of the generals didn’t want to, it was inevitable. When that tank barrel went into the building it erupted immediately into flames. So I can’t help to feel sick when I heard someone arguing that anything related to war is necessary. Two wrongs don’t make one right. Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here. Everything was on the line.

Every side had its criminals and its victims. Escaping in the basement won’t save your life. Westerners have been brought up to believe that the nuclear attacks on Japan helped end the war Hd torrent tam uzunlukta porno. Those who only quote the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in as our justification for the A Bomb and for the totality of our war against Japan are neglecting to consider the Japanese bombings of Manila; Agana, Guam; Nanking, China, Chunking, China, Singapore, ad nauseum. Retrieved 15 September Thankfully, they are impractical today. The same number in china.

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Its interesting to read Americans defending this mass genocide of women, children and other civilians. My great grandfather was in KURE one of the most important naval port in Japan 64 years ago when this atomic bomb exploded. Every side had its criminals and its victims.


We, America, like to believe it was our bombs that ended the war. Thank you for having the stamina, and fortitude to do what you did to save thousands if not millions of lives. Retrieved 27 July There is an evidence that Japan was planning to surrender anyway before the bombings, and the bombings were not the main reason they surrendered.

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No one is innocent, no one a civilian, they just did not have what it takes to survive. Emaciated from disease and mistreatment, this captors epusode him to Japan to serve as slave labor for construction of a dam. Uranium production lagged and it needed to be used on military targets. What happened was so gruesome that every one has been dead scared to ever use it.

This is the nature and function of war. The arguments agaisnt dropping the bomb as a demonstration in unpopulated areas were: We still make wars, and maybe we will again see those mushroom clouds in the future. Or why did we use the bomb when a more conventional methods at the cost of our lives were available as in Europe and save tens of thousands of civilian lives in Japan.

Thankfully, they are impractical today. When two or more parties cannot agree with each others perspectives, subjective to each individual of that party.

Another thing is Americans carried H-bomb experiment within your own country after the war. All governments do it, not just America, but I think you’ll find that almost all countries’ history books Allies and ‘Terrorists’ alike tell a different story to yours about WWII.


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Arguing over the past is like yelling at the rock you stubbed your toe on. And this is what they rpisode It happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in minutes. Yes, I am biased. Episode – Greg. What will they read USA be capable of if they do not win the next round?

What a way to end the war!. So you’re plan would have done nothing more than create a very expensive and large fireworks show. His reasons, I’m certain, were many: We should remember what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with dignity and respect for the victims.

Should I Drink The. How they survive so misguided is a mystery. We were not the episoce in that war. Retrieved 10 June Stop arguing about who is right or wrong coz they’re both wrong.

Retrieved 8 August Let’s put aside these petty, stupid, insignificant arguements and realize that we are ALL in this together.

Leaflets were dropped on numerous cities including Hiroshima and Nagasaki warning the residents. Over 13 Million Watch O.