And until then, this has been The Foldabots Blog, we’ll see you next time. He forms the left arm right leg of the gigantic combiner Aninotron. They said they’re not going to continue that anymore, but there might be some rumors that KZPH will still release the last two parts, even though they’ve already ended it in August, as some sort of victory lap. Habol in Foldabot mode; One of the most stable designs. IMDb is your definitive source for discovering the latest new movies coming soon to theaters. Repeat, none of them forms the torso. Well there are reasons why I chose him.

No one can win against this colossus. I just thought I should inform you to spare you from the humiliation of having non-credible blog post. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. I took a step further in the gimmick and made four different ways to place the Pilotocons the small units that forms as the heads of their respective giant selves , and one of it comes with the jet I made. I have not talked to Jomike Tejido about reviving the toy line as an indie project rather than commissioning a publishing company in producing the toys on a regular basis. Posted by Erwin Imagin Fourze at 6:

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Tuck head and one arm inside while leaving the other arm and hood out. And finally, he’s as balanced in design as Toy Book Mikrokosmos. Yelotron – Based solely to the Saurobots, the series’ very first Lutabot combiner, is perhaps a little smaller than their rival, but the stability is excellent from factory floor level.

I myself had been a Foldabots fan since and became a fully-pledged fan a year later when the Foldabots Mini promo came in, and lutaabots started collecting in series from And due to the nature of cancellation, Lutabkts Book 9 is confirmed cancelled alongside the syndicated Chronicles release of the comics.

The bodies in the other hand serves a major purpose though it doesn’t have the same abilities as with normal Foldabots or Lutabots. On the good side, Pugad Baboy continued online, on Facebook. A Power Rangers Movie, which was a bit of a flop despite not seeing the movie myself.

The torso is one of the most distinct designs, despite it also has cons of falling apart if not handled properly. But still, I like him for being one of the coolest Foldabot of all time. The four supercars are based on real models, even though they’re not that precise. Them again, in their vehicle modes.


There is no F1 car Lutabot made, but someday we will Habol in Foldabot mode; One of the most stable designs. Not to mention they finally got some Overwatch stuff as I expected to be in the August issue, and I urge you to find it after to reach the Foldabots page.

And like I said, there are signs that Foldabots will still continue on, even though the people at K-Zone Philippines decided to ‘abruptly’ end the series. The Aninobots with everything you see here including a toxic gas ball on Karo’s arm.

Together with the Aninobotshe wreaks havoc on the planet by using photon absorbents to suck in light leaving a place in total darkness.

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Something I’ve finally tested out Buhatron, the car carrier truck is nothing without his minions, especially his robot mode is completely exposed from the top. No one can win against this colossus. For second, his cement mixer mode is well designed.

Tuesday, July 26, foldabots Much worse if you follow the instructions and end up with his jet nose almost impossible to manage to tuck inside.

Featuring memorable characters from the heroic Autobots and villainous Decepticons, and thrilling action and a heartfelt storyline, The Transformers: And maybe just maybe, Foldabots will fold out into their own magazine and start anew. When built right, he becomes more intimidating.

I’ve posted this blog a little foldqbots early in contrast of my last blog being terribly late. In my lutabtos, he vaguely looks like Optimus Prime partly because of the face mask, and the color scheme I presume will bear a mix of light blue and yellow.

Elementron is rather great in design, whether it’s the original version or the Toy Book 1 version. Other rumors include Viva, but that will be a possibly terrible decision for Tejido, and yet no news about the big move at this point, maybe after I interview Sir Jomike on the Electricus Completion Event, which will be in October Both versions are well made though it would take ages to build all of them especially Higadrone who simply has a lot of spikes to glue.


However, the one thing that separates him from Patrol, is he has a Maximum Lutant scimitar to give him the edge.

Foldabots vs lutabots movie theater

Jovie what if we had the power to tell those editors to finish the toy line save the comics, since it would be better to continue online by Octoberso that we could complete Electricus and end the toy line peacefully with respect and no complains from the Folda-Fans.

And the nice thing about him is the way they did the wings well done.

And what about Electricus? This is sadly the last edition of the Foldabots Blog. As an addition, I will be writing their bios, features, and specs to make the review more informative. And as for the comics, there could be hopes that the series will continue online. And that’s the same blade that caused Bisig to change sides.

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The New Foldabots Project will be run independently by veteran fans who had made strong foundations to the toy line from ltuabots to end. Combined, he may not have a proper distinct head for the form, but it’s still very unique among all 22 gestalts in the series. The prototype toy I made has a cockpit gimmick inspired from the one we got with Anino and Dilim. Mikrokosmos was one of my first official Foldabot combiner to complete, thanks largely to buying a lot of back issues at the time when I was striving to find the issues so I could complete a set back then.

Posted by Erwin Imagin Fourze at I’ve placed the head design on the back of the Pilotocon, and when it forms the head, the extra tab on the Pilotocon’s head serves as a support so that the connection is good, while the arms can be stowed inside, since I’ve added some slits to place the arms with ease.