To be honest, I would forget all that, something like ‘Rapist Pig’ would be more suitable. An independent thinker, the lack of ability to communicate outside of notes means that her internal monologue is not crystalline and untouched. It’s a good job there was a family tree included at the beginning of this book, as the reader is thrown straight into a bucket load of names, titles, and family relations right from the off. Scelta di certo rispettosa della caratterizzazione del personaggio stesso, ma nondimeno alle volte molto frustrante per chi legge. Pretore Camaleo Lorenzo Crespi: Altra passione di Fosco.

In addition to being a metaphor for women’s lives rendered silent under the patriarchy, the title of Dacia Maraini’s The Silent Duchess refers to an intelligent deaf-mute woman in 18th century Sicily. You can see Mariannas growth as a person, shying away from conformity even as it surrounds and encloses her. Characters and the tension they inject are poetically drawn, be they major characters such as Don Pietro, who in every scene exudes his technical status as “uncle husband” or minor characters such as that of Guiseppa of whom it is said to be “inconceivable” that she is not married at Qualche spunto di riflessione filosofica condisce Storia e trama senza appesantire. Anyway, she becomes a Duchess. This is a beautful, beautiful book and I add my voice to the acclaim showered upon it. Marianna is the daughter of an opium addicted, useless mother and a father who marries her off at the age of 12 to her own aging and perverted uncle.

It was left with all kinds mariannna possibilities, which I love. Cerca di accontentarla persino. Actually, the story is much deeper that that. Dec 12, Gina rated it liked it. Duca Signoretto Eva Grieco: It is often shocking in its honest portrayal of the inequalities at the heart of that society. Ennio Morricone mwrianna Franco Piersanti. There is a lot of reflection and not much ‘action’, per se, but Marianna is such a sympathetic and insightful character that her life and observations are well-worth reading.

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Maraini’s skill is that she does not allow the exploration of ideas to take over at the expense of the story, nor the story to trana the ideas. La Maraini ha un immaginario meraviglioso, e scrive da Dio.

La politica gli era incomprensibile; i guai si dovevano risolvere da soli in un tu per tu col proprio Dio, in quel luogo desolato ed eroico che era per lui la coscienza di un nobile siciliano. Their fate was either to be married off at a young age or head to the convent. She does care for him, but in no way love him. She communicates with others through notes, but other than that, we are left with her thoughts, which are deeply profound and interesting, which break the stereotypes of women from back then.

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From the excesses indulged in by the nobility while the majority lived in abject poverty or were subject to the most barbaric punishments should they err, to the utter powerlessness and abuse of women of any class. In any event, you can enjoy this book on its simple level, or delve into it a little deeper and explore the oppressed lives of voiceless women. Jun 11, Amy rated it really liked it.

Marianna Ucrìa

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. She takes not a care how people think of her, and even starts to feel the first stirrings of love. The Beautifully evocative and detailed narrative that avoids the problems of other pantomime counterparts, really vividly captures life o It’s a good job there was a family tree included at the beginning of this book, as the reader is thrown tramx into a bucket load of names, titles, and family relations right from the off. Libro magnifico e doloroso. It’s a good job there was a family tree included at the beginning of this book, as the reader is thrown straight into a bucket load of names, titles, and family relations right from the off.

By the end of the book I had tired of the whole thing and found the last chapter or so incredibly tedious to read. This book is beautifully written. It is a land in which to this day misogyny is absolutely rampant, and I have a lot of sy A really dumb book LOL! NOT weird for that time, at least not among the aristocratic. Hard to tell what I hated; the book or Italy. I would have given this book a one except that some of the imagery was excellent. Jul 09, Jaqueline rated it it was ok Shelves: In seguito la madre della ragazza, Maria, costringe la figlia a sposare l’anziano cugino del marito, Pietro, con il quale nei successivi quattro anni Marianna fa tre figli.

Elegantly rebellious, she subverts the ground-plans laid by overbearing patriarchs, and discovers not only the delights of intellectual freedom, but, in early middle age, an awakening sexual bliss with a wonderful younger lover, despite the displeasure of some of her children.

It’s all extremely bland and took me far too long to finish. Oct 06, Louise rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, ycria was one incident where it seemed possible that she could read the thoughts of others, so I’m not certain.


Tuttavia, la critica mariannz sottolineato, con valutazioni negative, la scarsa aderenza del film rispetto al romanzo [2]. I learned nothing new, nor is there anything particularly exciting about Maraini’s writing style as translated in English.

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There is an Afterward by Anna Camaiti Hostert. Lei si nutre di ucris classici, di filosofia e riversa su foglietti scritti di suo pugno tutto quello che il mondo le presenta, quando la maggior parte delle nobil donne erano semi analfabete, destinate solo ad eterne gravidanze o ad indossare vesti monacali, “donne dall’intelligenza lasciata a impigrire nei cortili delle delicate teste acconciate con arte parigina”.

The preview sounded good. Marianna is born into a life of marianha luxury, but never lets it go to her head, treating all with value and respect, and despite her permanent disability she still manages to have a humorous side. She is quite smart, and quite well read and quite capable. View all 8 comments.

The silent duchess of the title, Marianna, is deaf and mute. Tramq, because she was also deaf, she was treated differently and was often considered simple. Anyway, she becomes a Duchess.

Marianna has to weave her way through life while fiml looked at as an odd woman, not only because she’s deaf and mute, but because marianns loves to read. Mosquitos and the disease are ever present. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Estratto da ” https: Marianna is literally, as well as figuratively a deaf mute living in 18C Sicily. If you appreciate historical fiction which informs and educates and holds no bars, you will thoroughly enjoy this read.

Also there is a little bit of mystery – it seems that Marianna has vague recollections of sounds, and that possibly, something traumatic happened to her in her early childhood, at which point she lost her ability to both hear and speak. Ma pazienza, questo in fin dei conti non cambia il mio giudizio. Possibile che sia lei quella donna appannata narianna desolazione, un solco come una sciabolata che divide in due per verticale la fronte spaziosa?

Noble women, who are well dressed and well fed, are similarly moved around, but their fate is determined more by strategy than by whim.