Or will I need an invite from a member before I can register? Sucks to have a shitty internet connection like mine There’s been no announcement, so it may be temporary. Is it me or was episode 26 a little messed up, it had some audio sync problems near the end of the episode. These bit encodes look better than the 8-bit p ones horriblesubs do and they are half the size. Mell8 Maori Madness Offline Joined: That and the music collections.

I can’t even find a way to register. I haven’t logged in in a while. Would there be a point to downloading the p version? I will eagerly await for Box 2! So I hate to lose it as a resource. Getting money does suck. I’m using it only for music and very old series, because they are always pinking up worst releases for newer ones commie and other memeshit as “the best quality”. Released early in order to compensate for download time so you can watch it tonight.

No tweets, and I just logged in to check, there was not even a news post that mentions anything about the tracker becoming private. Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion. How the hell is somebody supposed to burn that to DVD? Im sure now coalgirls stupid i said 2 months before for god sake its 25 episodes not 26! So is the p worth downloading? Apologies for not catching it earlier.

There hasn’t been an announcement on the site so I’m not going to make any assumptions just yet. Does anyone know how to access it NOW? Castle in the Sky Little Busters! When you refuse to make sacrifices, others end up making them for you! It seems like they’ve gone private-ish. I think my account was removed for inactivity Coalgirls – We will do what we want, moive do not care about your opinion.


Talk about bad management. I have two gigs left to download! I have have place an order for the Blu-Ray disk of the movie nighh will do a re-rip of the Japanese audio.

Eureka Seven

Wtay there any way I could get just the subtitle files that you used for this series? Mell8 Maori Madness Offline Joined: Could you check if the encoding went okay?

You can still access the site if you already had an account, but nowhere does it says what happened. Sta PGSEnglish 6: All releases should adopt this! Now that seems impossible. Even then I still have nyaa and IRC though bakabt had the best speed and selection.

Anyway, I prefer this opening, which seems to only use the localized track. Yes Ako that is the screen that I get as well. I care about none of that. Other trackers users don’t seem to care that much about pre anime, so old school fans should be the ones suffering the most right about now. It can be solved by decoding to WAV. That and the music collections. Has Bakabt become private?

Have you no shame? Are you using VLC? I wish more encoders would use bit as the current standard.


TV Series — Torrent. Blame the film grain for the super large size. If you follow the playback setup for Mpc-hc on Coalgirls Playback page then there should be no reason for you to even have cccp the only thing extra in there bakwbt DirectVOBSub and you can saty that seperately. Gay, that’s where I get almost all my weeb songs from.


Thank you so much for the torrent, I love this series! BBCode A disgusting bitch can never be the best girl.

Keywords – BakaBT Wiki

Surely it should be half that size? I just read the x docs on 10 bit and it is interesting, but it sounds like we should only see improvements for fats compressed rips. Of course I have a rig that can play 10 bit. Who cares which release is better?

Well fuck me dead. I dont know whats going on. None, series is complete. Do remember that many bit encoders, like the reference encoder, have a memory addressing problem that makes encoding files larger than 2 GB impossible. There is no way to register and no further info. So Bakqbt saw UTW version got accepted on bakabt, but no problem.