What kind of treasure will Yami find in Tanya’s world? The wish is a tree with a fruit that contains money, but when her greedy friend found out she wanted the fruits for herself. Kate is a little girl who has a habit of saving her money and keeping it in a piggy bank. While his partner on his show helps him find couples in order to meet their true loves. What will they do once the dwarf who granted their parents’ wish returns and threatens to bring harm to their family? The ghost is able to go to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes is healed. An ugly old lady, presumably a banshee from Irish mythology , casts a spell on a drink. One day, the fairy doll grants their wishes by switching up the characters of the two.

It tells the story of how to find the perfect one. However, Caloy starts to feel that his grandmother is getting in the way of his plans because she is taking too much of his time. She helps her crush, who was disembodied ghost, and one of the goons who actually died to uncover the mystery upon the former’s life. The pilot episode of Wansapanataym. She soon realize that beauty lies within the goodhearted people. Whoever falls in love with Hanna’s mother will die, including Hana herself. She was one of the top 50 questors. Horje the scientist who created the giant octopus had to get rid of the giant octopus because he thought that the giant octopus had turned into a barricade against his plan, which was to sell the magical pearl to foreigners for a hundred million pesos.

Because of his bitterness over his past, Carl has decided to sell the house that he inherited from his parents as tries to turn his back on them. It is up to Ken to help Monica get her self-confidence and her to lift his curse.

This list includes only programs aired ten years and above. WansapanaSummer was part of the line-up of Umaganda and Team Animazing morning block which includes the replay of Yakitate!! However, Raven disappears one night and the next morning patches of wood start appearing on his body. Until one day, she meets two playful dwarves who will make her drain out her own energy.


The paintbrushes run out every week. A true love’s kiss could break the curse by saying “I love you” to each other. Member feedback about Edward Barber actor: She decided to kill Valentina but she accidentally turned Bebot into another statue.

Linda, on the other hand, has also been wishing for her daughter to change. Karina Toni Gonzaga is a young woman who dislikes Christmas because her family was separated and she was left alone with their maid.

The ghost is able to go to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes is healed. It tells the story of how to find the perfect one. Will Era finally understand her Mommy Mila when she sees her struggles and discovers that all of her mother’s sacrifices are for her? But she can’t able to control herself. When she had already saw her mother, Inday goes back to the market to compete against her mother’s gay son.

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Will they be able to teach Bokbok the importance of obeying elders? But even before her family celebrates noche buena, Madelyn was forced to leave their house to attend to an emergency situation in a carnival where she will meet the statues of Christmas characters that will magically turn to life.

Because of her amazement, Yayo decided to share to a sick old man about Dahlia’s special powers. Hannah Sharlene San Pedro is always into her gadgets. Episodes From season 1 to 7, Your Song had weekly episodes featuring songs as title and theme.

One night, Joy meets a TV salesman named Mr. Ali Enchong Deeis a lower class boy who sells mats beside a hardware enterprise. Truman will realize that the one who will truly loved him will be someone he already knows.

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A teenage guy suffers a car accident and gets his left leg fractured, leaving him miserable, but he will soon experience an extraordinary event that will change everything about him.


In the end, Princess Leyla falls in love with Rico. Entertainment-related lists of superlatives Wxnsapanataym Brain revolvybrain Lists of television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of longest-running television programs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Sison — election leave ; —present History Kapag May Patyy But after using the scarf, she became selfish and self-centered causing the magic scarf to lose its powers.

How will she eat again?

However, the young man’s mother disapproves of their relationship and even threatens Wanswpanataym, which forces them to part ways. In FebruaryMaris was introduced as one of the members of all-girl dance group, Paty.

She first appeared in television through Pinoy Big Brother: Maya is a little girl who has a hobby of wasting food. It revolves around the life of Jenny Kathryn Bernardoa girl who comes from a poor family of magicians.

Jessy MendiolaJ. She met a boy named Bebot, when she helped him get out of quicksand.

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When she had already in the city, she met Bebot again and learns that he is the son of the woman. Retrieved 10 February Retrieved from ” https: Kenny wants to help his dad, a police officer, in seizing Black Shadow, a well-known cat burglar. She was one of the top 50 questors. Will Tyrone finally learn to appreciate his mother more when her mother becomes victim of an alien abduction?

Claire fag Homer as an instrument to revenge against her ex-boyfriend, which turned out to be Homer’s father. However, Raven disappears one night and the next morning patches of wood start appearing on his body. As a punishment he was turned by a fairy into a woman named Amanda, which teaches him a lesson on the feelings of a woman.