Highlights of the ranking include Yejin’s annoyance at the men’s slow voting leading to a reversal of results in Hyori’s favor. After brunch, the Family head off to pick persimmons in the field, engaging in a verbal game of puns centered on the Korean word for persimmon, before forming teams to play a game of racing up a hill of hay. Following dinner, the Family enjoy a game of guessing each other’s pet peeves, weaknesses, and other habits worthy of laughter. In the morning, the wake-up mission comprises a cooking pot high-kick challenge, with Daesung, Jongkook, and Bumsoo tasked with breakfast. During the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee makes a surprise appearance and is mobbed by Sooro. In the morning, Jaesuk operates a cups and balls game for the wake-up mission where Jongshin, Jaesuk, and Sooro are assigned breakfast duty.

During sleep order rankings, the Family men dance while donning an Afro wig and gold chain and Yejin bribes her way to first place among the women with cookies. The Family gather at a local village and play around in a lotus pond, competing in a team boat race. Carrying out the first assigned task of visiting the uninhabited island, the Family build a canopy before playing a water game aimed at pushing the opponents off their float. Returning to the house, the Family prepare meju from the fermented soybean, with a kiss on the cheek for the victor, Changeui. Meanwhile, the other members build a straw thatch-roof as part of their assignments. Gathering at the village, the Family admire Yejin’s new perm and welcome Joon-gi. During sleep order rankings, the Family men demonstrate “tough guy” face washing before pairing up for a dance demonstration, featuring the snake-charming Jaesuk and towel-wringing Jongshin, while the women engage in a battle of Yejin’s aegyo cuteness versus Hyori’s dancing.

During sleep order rankings, the Family men dance while donning an Afro wig and gold chain and Yejin bribes her way to first place among the women with cookies. However, due to the poor wind conditions, some of the members were unable to do ouitng jump. The Family gather at the airport with Daniel Henney helping Jaesuk with his “timing is now” phrasing in the bus.

[Vietsub][] Family Outing Ep (Guest: Cha Seung Won)

After dinner, knowing that Kim Jong-kook’s relatives reside in the nearby town, Haeinsa, the “Family” split into pairs in order to bring one of his relatives. Esason happily accompanies Dambi to pick vegetables on the local hillside before procuring a horse carriage ride through town for Dambi and the other Vietsun members on hand. After harvesting potatoes from the field, the three prepare curry rice while singing along to The Lion King. Meanwhile, the other members build a straw thatch-roof as part of their assignments.


Members pair up to roll themselves back and forth a large vinyl sheet, competing for best times, with the winning team of Sooro, Jongshin, and Chunhee being relieved of seed planting duty as their reward. Highlights include Hyori teasing Jongkook about ohting blossomoning love-line, tamily Jongkook’s refusal, and Jongshin pledging to pay back his loans and wishes for the invention of a ‘fountain of youth’ pill.

The first trip as the new “Family” was all about learning the ropes for the new members.

Returning to the house, the Family recall their memories and bestow best wishes for the homeowners via audio recording. The day of formal filming follows with the Family gathering at a farm village, where everyone sets off for a local river to fish and play their first game. Returning to the village, Hyuk, Jaesuk, and Sooro procure potatoes and fresh bean curd for breakfast preparation, with Hyuk struggling to fry potato faimly without a flame and oil, thus losing confidence along the way.

Retrieved 1 September The Family then perform the last assigned task of harvesting leeks from the field before welcoming back the homeowners. During the water-based running race, Hyori’s team loses decisively to Yejin’s, leading to the introduction of the “Hyori Effect”.

The team who finished with the longest amount of time has to do the nighttime chores. Back at the house, the Family separate into teams to prepare dinner, with Henney, Chunhee, and Jaesuk charged with buying rice cakes, where Henney acts out a CF. After eating, the Family form a circle for the Saranghae game, featuring highlights of 1 Brian’s attacks of cuteness on Yejin and Jongshin and 2 Sooro threatening Chunhee to not dare laugh.

Lee Sang-yong, Girls’ Generation. The Family welcomes guests G-Dragon and Sungrok, who fills in for the busy Chunhee, before heading to the village house. The night games took place inside an abandoned textile factory. For the last episodes of Season 1, previous members Lee Chun-hee and Park Ye-jin along with Park Si-yeon, who has been absent due to a back injury, return for viwtsub reunion. Sung-hoon with much help from Yejin helps in preparing the fish and shows an adorable side of self by becoming scared of the process.


Returning to the house, the Family catch a duck for dinner and split into teams for dinner preparation. While on the famliy, the Family play a race game of bringing a handful of water from the waves to determine breakfast duty.

[Vietsub] SNSD – Family Outing Season 2 Ep 11 – YouTube

Cooking highlights include Chunhee playing rock-paper-scissors with Hyori to gently slap each other with spatulas. In the morning, the Family gather oysters from the beach, then play their wake-up mission on the muddy shores, where they must swing their bodies around a horizontal beam.

After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home.

Highlights include Jongshin’s lack of flexibility and the Family teasing Jongkook for giving advice outiny Yejin as part of their ‘love scandal’. After breakfast, the Family choreograph and perform a Natta traditional percussion show for the local village. In a surprising turn of events, the Family “worst-team” of Jaesuk, Jongshin, and Chunhee win the final race of the day.

Finally, with everyone returning home, the Family enjoy a chicken snack and fall asleep.

On the beach, Sooro and Jongshin trade praises while directing Sungrok, as the other Family members dive for abalone. Vietsb only able to catch one fish, Rain and Chunhee prepare a tasty dumpling and fish soup with the broth Rain brought. Jongkook and Hyori form an awkward pairing as they stay at the house to cook: The oufing gather some fresh trout from a local fishery with TOP preparing the fish for grilling.

Meanwhile, Jongkook and Daesung outinb over sleep order rankings as they pick vegetables in the greenhouse. In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to jump over a rolling hula hoop.