If he had the ability to time travel back and forth between the future and Goryeo, that psycho would bring back an atomic bomb to rule the world! Love the one of his supposedly disappearing behind the tree Though her brother dies by ice Just great friendship and an even greater love story. But City Hunter still tops my favorite list ‘cos it kept me thrilled at all times, while I’d fast forward most parts of Faith, especially those that Eun-soo and Choi Yong are not in. With Sun scented linens on my bed to embrace me as I sleep and dream, my thoughts will be at ease.

Remember her dream, where she found CY dead? Eat-all-you-want refreshments will be served: Bouhou, I felt like crying Pretty sure a hug from her would reassure him now more than any words could convey. On this tour, you will get to see Fire-girl buried up to her chin in sand. Eun-soo starts to explain that she can tell her about how this method works but Young walks in, having heard what Lady Choi just said. Alone together, Eun-soo pours the diluted poison into a bowl. Ki-chul and ES goes to the portal.

The master giving up his life after failing to find a king — his kind of king — to serve was his way of running away. Believe it or not it started off as one screencap, but then his face was just too darn photogenic to stop. And why was he wrong? I guess this is the last we will hear of Deok Heung, Son Yoo, and his henchmen. But then again, there was an account of Hwata fleeing thru the door alone. I feel like this show sucked three months from my life that I can never get back.


You’ve made my day!!!

My favourite favourite scene this week was Young catching Eun-Soo as she falls. I don’t think my heart could take it!!! Check the youtube below:.

I’d rather have this ending any day than the huggy, kissy, cheesy ones! Then he episore have looked like a seasoned warrior like he was supposed to be instead of a flower boy warrior. This episode left me with mixed feelings again and more questions than answers. I would have brushed it off as Son Yoo simply carrying it around as a relic from his ancestor but then Son Yoo seemed to be able to read the watch.

However, when the queen is abducted and the king realizes what CY had been feeling all along, their bond and support episoed each other deepened. Awwww… I just love the curls! How many years into Gongmin’s reign did we start out?

What will happen to Young’s hand?

It’s hard to sustain my interest when the directing is not engaging and the writing is repetitive Not even surprised to see her. KC gave us “derp faces,” a term I was not personally familiar with. I am distressed too Ahn Jae Wook Cameo.

The Great Doctor

Hmm, no mention of the medicine that Deo-gi brought. Took me few weeks. That statement about suffering with him the consequences sent by heaven because of the abduction of ES was another testimony of her dedication and love for her husband.

I just think if the director or writer explain more episodd show will worth watch. Episode 4 by Regals.

Looking at his life to this point as the story allows us, he was 16 when he lost his father and had to become literally a man to help his family.


Was I lacking in yearning? But fairh grasp falters and the sword clatters to the ground. And Choong-seok comes in behind them to ask where the general is. Yes confusing but made faitj when you tru to separate the past and future. The only thing I like him in is BOF. Yay, for happy endings!

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I have other questions though that the faitg didn’t provide an answer for – these may have been discussed in some other threads already but I’m too lazy to dramaceazy He orders his men to continue searching this room while he and Eun-soo search elsewhere. It takes Eun-soo a year of traveling to find Choi Young, while daejang waits for her four years from Goryeo onward. Where that tree is. Exactly the part I loved best in this recap.

After being found inthe kingdom of Goryeo faced a critical existential crisis when the powerful Yuan dynasty tried to subjugate them. Naz October 29, at 9: Young gets on his horse drxmacrazy goes after them alone. Looking for her probably made him feel like he was at least doing something and helped him not go crazy as he said, waiting, not knowing, faigh killing him.

There was that resignation, like the task was a drudgery. In her world, there are a lot of people like him because they become more hungry the more they have.